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The Brokenwood Mysteries

This quirky New Zealand mystery follows DI Mike Shepherd, who arrives to the seemingly peaceful town of Brokenwood with a classic car, a country music collection, and an indeterminate number of ex-wives. His assistant, DC Kristin Sims, is a by-the-book investigator 15 years younger than her boss's car. Shepherd soon discovers that Brokenwood is full of secrets and suspicions.
IMDb 7,920216 episoder
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  1. S7 E1The Garotte and the Vinklebraun
    28. marts 2021
    1 t 31 min.
    Mike and his team are thrust into a world of antiquities when a TV crew from the hit series All Things Old and Beautiful comes to town, and one of the hosts is murdered.
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  2. S7 E2The Witches of Brokenwood
    4. april 2021
    1 t 31 min.
    The Brokenwood Health Retreat proves rather unhealthy for one unfortunate visitor, leaving the team of detectives with a very tricky case to solve.
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  3. S7 E3Dog Day Morning
    11. april 2021
    1 t 32 min.
    When four masked men attempt to rob the Brokenwood Savings Bank, Mike and the team have to determine which one of them pulled the trigger and killed the bank manager.
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  4. S7 E4Something Nasty at the Market
    18. april 2021
    1 t 30 min.
    Mike, Kristin, and the team investigate the murder of a farmer"s market owner, who staggers into the crowd with a garden implement fatally embedded in her back.
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  5. S7 E5Exposed to the Light
    25. april 2021
    1 t 32 min.
    A fundraising evening at the historic Brokenwood Empire Cinema turns deadly when a fire breaks out, and after the smoke clears, a local businessman is found strangled.
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  6. S7 E6Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson
    2. maj 2021
    1 t 32 min.
    When Mike mysteriously leaves Brokenwood on other police business, Kristin is left to lead the inquiry into a 1970s-themed party where several partygoers wind up dead.
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