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The Brokenwood Mysteries

Murder and mayhem abound in Brokenwood, a charming New Zealand town whose denizens are prone to criminal impulses that belie their idyllic surroundings. A transplant from the big city, Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea) has finally been accepted as a new resident in the tight-knit community.
IMDb 7,920194 episoder
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  1. S6 E1The Power of Steam
    9. november 2019
    1 t 32 min.
    Shepherd and his team are drawn into a world of Victorian costumes and science fiction when they investigate a death at a gathering of steampunk enthusiasts. The victim was a prejudiced man who was killed in an explosion during a fireworks display, but was he the intended target?
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  2. S6 E2A Real Page-Turner
    16. november 2019
    1 t 32 min.
    Simms attends a book reading only to find that the world-renowned author has been killed in the same manner as his new novel, Knife in the Back. To complicate matters, the woman found kneeling over his dead body is Shepherd’s ex-wife.
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  3. S6 E3Dead Men Don’t Shoot Ducks
    23. november 2019
    1 t 32 min.
    When an animal rights activist is killed while attempting to disrupt the first day of duck hunting season, Shepherd and the team interview members of the Brokenwood Duck Stalking Association. Was her death an accidental shooting, or something more sinister?
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  4. S6 E4Dead and Buried
    30. november 2019
    1 t 32 min.
    A suspicious suicide inside Brokenwood Women’s Prison turns personal when Shepherd discovers he knew the victim from his days in the city. As the detectives investigate, they come across familiar faces, as some of the suspects are female convicts that they put away.
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Mike SmithMurray KeaneJoshua FrizzellMark BeesleyKatie WolfeAidee WalkerDavid de LautourJacqueline NairnMichael HurstHelena Brooks
South Pacific Pictures
Neill ReaFern SutherlandNic Sampson
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