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The Wagner Method

Recently transferred to Strasbourg, Cesar tries to adjust to his new team and an uninhibited medical examiner. The catch? His mother is the mayor, so it’s hard to earn any trust. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.
IMDb 7,120215 episoder
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  1. S1 E1Episode 1
    15. januar 2020
    1 t 30 min.
    On his first case, Cesar investigates the apparently accidental death of a rising local football star with the help of the medical examiner, Dr. Beaumont.
    Gratis prøveperiode på PBS Masterpiece
  2. S1 E2Episode 2
    4. december 2020
    1 t 29 min.
    Cesar is called to a curious crime scene: a young woman has been found completely drained of blood. The victim is a Romanian delegate to the European Court of Human Rights. Did someone say vampire?
    Gratis prøveperiode på PBS Masterpiece
  3. S1 E3Episode 3
    11. december 2020
    1 t 27 min.
    Two people are found dead within hours of each other near the Museum of Modern Art. Evidence shows that they knew each other and were both linked to a celebrated local designer, Peter Breck--Dr. Beaumont’s husband.
    Gratis prøveperiode på PBS Masterpiece
  4. S1 E4Episode 4
    1. oktober 2021
    1 t 28 min.
    A dead man in a Nazi costume leads investigators to neo-Nazi circles at the heart of the University of Strasbourg--and to the legend of the Rhine gold.
    Gratis prøveperiode på PBS Masterpiece
  5. S1 E5Episode 5
    1. oktober 2021
    1 t 27 min.
    Someone finds a human finger in a bottle of beer from a local brewery--owned by Caesar's cousins. He is determined to solve the mystery before the local press gets wind of it.
    Gratis prøveperiode på PBS Masterpiece


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