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To The Ends of the Earth (BBC Series)

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This diverse, complex and haunting trilogy of William Golding novels charts a dazzling, hazardous sea journey from England to Australia in 1812-1813, as experienced through the eyes of one young Englishman, Edmund Talbot. During his journey, he goes through his own rites of passage from youthful bravado to maturity, from arrogance to humility. A BBC series.
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  1. S1 E1Rites of Passage
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    6. juli 2005
    1 t 29 min.
    Edmund Talbot is on his way to Australia to take up a government post, secured for him by his rich and influential Godfather. He is young, witty, naive and all set for adventure and bravery in the face of whatever a long sea voyage might throw at him. However, his immaturity, vanity and haughtily cocksure perception of the world make him ripe for emotional and intellectual lessons.
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  2. S1 E2Close Quarters
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    13. juli 2005
    1 t 27 min.
    Tensions grow within the close confines of the ship. The safety of the increasingly dilapidated hulk is by no means assured and the situation is worsened when the foremast is damaged.
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  3. S1 E3Fire Down Below
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    20. juli 2005
    1 t 29 min.
    Edmund is obsessed by his memories of the beautiful Marion. He agrees to be a witness at the wedding of Prettiman and Miss Granham with whom he has established a friendship. Having despised Prettiman previously for his radical opinions, he now finds himself being converted to a more liberal understanding of the world.
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