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The Brokenwood Mysteries

In these four feature-length mysteries set in a murder-ridden town in New Zealand, Detectives Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea), Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland), and Sam Breen (Nic Sampson) face down poisonous spiders, a real-life Clue board game gone wrong, the death of a classic-car enthusiast, and someone killing the Christmas spirit.
IMDb 7,920164 episoder
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  1. S3 E1The Black Widower
    30. oktober 2016
    1 t 29 min.
    When the wife of a local tourist trap business owner is discovered dead, the other local tourism operators are not particularly sad about her demise. Her cause of death is revealed to be from New Zealand's only native venomous spider— the Katipo. But how could one spider administer ten times the lethal dose?
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  2. S3 E2Over Her Dead Body
    6. november 2016
    1 t 28 min.
    Brokenwood is in mourning after a beloved local poet, Declan O'Grady, passes away from cancer. But the town is in for a surprise when the coffin accidentally falls from the hearse revealing that the corpse inside is not Declan but a young woman identifiable only by a scarlet tattoo.
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  3. S3 E3The Killing Machine
    13. november 2016
    1 t 30 min.
    On the morning of Brokenwood's annual classic-car show, the Chairman of the Classic Car Restoration Society is found dead next to his beloved El Dorado with a lungful of gasoline. Shepherd and Sims try to find out if it was petrol siphoning accident or something more deliberate.
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  4. S3 E4A Merry Bloody Christmas
    20. november 2016
    1 t 25 min.
    It's Christmas in Brokenwood, but not all is merry and bright. When the mayor is found dead in his home dressed as Santa after the annual holiday parade, Shepherd, Sims, and Breen question those locals vying for the mayoral position. But when more bodies turn up, the detectives believe there's a darker motive.
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