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The Brokenwood Mysteries

In the quaint but killer town of Brokenwood, Detectives Shepherd (Neill Rea), Sims (Fern Sutherland), and Chalmers (Jarod Rawiri) set out to solve an onstage electrocution, the murder of a nun whose sisters have taken a vow of silence, and more.
IMDb 7,920236 episoder
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  1. S9 E1Brokenwood: The Musical
    9. april 2023
    1 t 33 min.
    A musical theater performance reenacting Brokenwood"s history goes horrifically awry when the composer is electrocuted on stage. But was it murder or just an unfortunate accident?
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  2. S9 E2Old Blood Money
    9. april 2023
    1 t 33 min.
    Mike and the team discover more than one dead body-and a significant amount of family rivalry-at Wadsworth Manor, home to a pair of elderly siblings.
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  3. S9 E3Nun of the Above
    16. april 2023
    1 t 33 min.
    The strangulation death of a nun on her way to chapel poses a challenge for the investigators when they learn members of her order have taken a vow of silence.
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  4. S9 E4Going to the Dogs
    23. april 2023
    1 t 32 min.
    Mike, Kristin, and Chalmers must determine who wanted a veterinary nurse dead, with the answer seemingly tied to simmering tensions between the twin sisters with whom the victim worked.
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  5. S9 E5Shot of Love
    7. maj 2023
    1 t 33 min.
    While Mike's off getting his divorce papers signed, Kristin and Chalmers are left to uncover the cause of death of a man found in a motel room, with few signs of trauma to the body or disturbance to the room.
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  6. S9 E6Motorcycle Mamas
    14. maj 2023
    1 t 30 min.
    The Mama's Angels, an all-women motorcycle club, are in Brokenwood for the wedding of one of their members, until a murder casts suspicion amongst their ranks and throws the town into chaos.
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