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Becoming Evil: Serial Killers of the Old West

The Old West was a time of lawlessness, when serial killers stalked the mountains, prairies and deserts of North America. Men like Billy the Kid, Jesse James and the Kentucky cannibal left a trail of victims strewn across the landscape. The ruthlessness of their murders will shock in this feature-length documentary goes back into history to uncover the origins of evil during the Old West.
IMDb 6,41 h 48 min2021
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Contient des scènes violentescontient du langage grossiercontenu à caractère sexuel
EnglishEnglish Dialogue Boost: MediumEnglish Dialogue Boost: High
English [CC]
Ron Meyer
Jeff HayneBen Means
Rôles principaux
Billy the KidJesse JamesThe Dalton Brothers
Alliance Entertainment, LLC
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