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James May's Cars of the People

The Model T, the 2CV, The Fiat Cinquecento - history says these are the iconic Peoples' Cars, but James May begs to differ, telling the story of the cars he believes are the true Cars of the People. In typical Top Gear style, there'll be thrilling road tests, capers and challenges galore as James explores the astonishing true stories behind some of the world's most popular vehicles.
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  1. S1 AFL. 1 - Episode 1
    10 augustus 2014
    In his quest to discover how we, the people, got our wheels, James travels to Germany, Italy and Russia to reveal the extraordinary story of how dictators kickstarted the mobilization of the masses. James discovers how the British motor industry blew a gift-wrapped chance to rule the world and he gets his own back with a stunt that means bad news for one of the planet's most hated cars.
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  2. S1 AFL. 2 - Episode 2
    17 augustus 2014
    James downsizes to explore the weird world of the micro car. We discover how austerity and fears of congestion led to European tragicomic disasters in the shape of Britain's infamous three wheelers, French death traps and German absurdities. James takes to the battlefield to settle one of the greatest rivalries in car history.
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  3. S1 AFL. 3 - Episode 3
    24 augustus 2014
    James reveals the unlikely champions that finally gave the people performance, pride and a hint of luxury. We discover Rolls Royce's strange journey from the elite to the everyman and how the Mustang and the Capri pioneered excitement and performance on blue collar wages.
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