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Whitstable Pearl

13EME RUE Local restaurant owner Pearl Nolan sets up a local detective agency after undergoing police training in an earlier career.
IMDb 7,120216 episódios
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  1. T1 EP.1Ep. 1: The Free Waters
    23 de maio de 2021
    With her son grown, single mum Pearl, pursues her lifelong dream and starts a private detective agency, which she runs from her family restaurant in the coastal town of Whitstable. Drawn by her caring nature, locals soon flock to her with all kinds of cases. When Pearl Nolan discovers the body of her friend and oyster supplier chained to the anchor of his ship. The police, led by out-of-towner...
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  2. T1 EP.2Ep. 2: Random Acts
    23 de maio de 2021
    Working with local cop DS Nikki Martel, Mike investigates the death of a diabetic estate agent force-fed marmalade. When a woman hires Pearl to look into a large sum of cash left in her mailbox, Pearl discovers Whitstable may have a mysterious benefactor-but are they connected to the murder?
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  3. T1 EP.3Ep. 3: Civil War
    30 de maio de 2021
    When a recently retired DCI is shot dead during an English Civil War reenactment, Mike immediately suspects the victim"s wife, but she hires Pearl to find out if someone could be targeting her, too. Pearl and Mike plan a date, but a miscommunication puts them at odds.
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  4. T1 EP.4Disappearance at Oare
    6 de junho de 2021
    Pearl agrees to help a woman who received a note claiming her missing husband did not die from suicide. Pearl connects the case to a grief-counseling church group and a drowning years ago. As Christmas approaches, Mike sinks into a depression, despite taking on a new flat in Whitstable.
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  5. T1 EP.5Ep. 5: A Cup O’ Kindness
    13 de junho de 2021
    When a mother takes her daughter out for a boat ride despite the father"s wishes, the boat starts taking on water and the two need to be rescued. Was it an accident, or were they targeted? Pearl investigates while Mike tries to enjoy his time off from police duty in the days before New Year"s Eve.
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  6. T1 EP.6The Man on the Blue Plaque
    20 de junho de 2021
    A 30-year-old skeleton washes up on the shore, and the victim has a very personal connection to Pearl. Pearl"s budding romance with Mike is threatened when he identifies a suspect close to home.
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Violênciauso de substânciasuso de álcooluso de tabacolinguagem ofensivaConteúdo Sexual
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English [CC]
David Caffrey
Anna BurnsØystein KarlsenCatherine MackinBea TammerRichard Tulk-HartJulie Wassmer
Atores principais
Kerry GoldlimanHoward CharlesFrances Barber
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