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Walking Through History

Slap on those walking boots, grab your compass and take a delightful trip through British history. Tony Robinson is your guide in this illuminating history documentary series as he explores some of the UK's most exquisite and memorable landscapes, exploring the events from the past that took place there. Unearth fascinating tales and meet colorful characters from yesteryear.
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  1. S1 A1Frontline Dorset
    5 april 2013
    Dorset's stunning Jurassic coast in the south of England is known for its beauty and tranquility. But, as Tony Robinson discovers in this absorbing history documentary, it was vital to the defense of Britain during World War II. His walk takes him back to 1940 when Dorset became the unlikely frontline in the war against Hitler, encompassing stunning scenery and amazing acts of bravery.
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  2. S1 A2Birth of Industry
    29 mars 2013
    Over one 80-year period from the late 18th century, the landscape and the resources of the Derwent Valley became the key to a giant leap forward for mankind. In this enlightening history documentary, Tony Robinson takes a 44-mile walk through the glorious Peak District to reveal how Britain transformed itself from a nation of farmers into the industrial powerhouse of the world.
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  3. S1 A3The Tudor Way
    3 januari 2024
    500 years ago, the Weald in Kent and East Sussex echoed with the noise of industry and dripped with the intrigue of political upheaval. Tony Robinson sets off on a 45-mile walk through this beautiful countryside to discover its rich Tudor heritage in this enthralling history documentary. This was a landscape dominated by the towering figure of King Henry VIII.
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  4. S1 A4Battle in the Glens
    19 april 2013
    What made the Scottish Highlands such a breeding ground of revolution in the 1700s? In this fascinating history documentary, Tony Robinson tackles a tough four-day trek through the dramatic west Scotland Highlands to reveal the bloody tale of the Jacobite Uprisings. He discovers how the unique landscapes shaped the attitudes of its people and reveals the great untold story of one of those revolts.
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Tony Robinson
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