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Monsieur Spade

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Twenty years after the events of the novel "THE MALTESE FALCON", Sam Spade has retired in the small town of Bozouls in the South of France. It's 1963, the war has ended, and in a very short time, so, too, will Spade's tranquility.
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  1. S1 A1Episode 1
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    13 januari 2024
    1 h 5 min
    Spade arrives in Bozouls. A brief trip becomes a new chapter as he falls for a local vineyard owner. Years later, Spade remains, a widower and retiree quietly living out his golden years in peace. But the return of his adversary changes everything.
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  2. S1 A2Episode 2
    20 januari 2024
    The tragedy of the horrific murders are felt by all in the town. Pulled out of retirement, Spade begins to investigate, while Teresa keeps her cards close to her chest. But no one is safe, and Spade may unknowingly put himself in the crosshairs.
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  3. S1 A3Episode 3
    27 januari 2024
    Spade searches for answers regarding the mysterious young boy that everyone seems to be looking for. Samir takes him into hiding, but no one knows what to make of his incessant writing. Spade gets a call from the elusive Philippe.
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  4. S1 A4Episode 4
    3 februari 2024
    Spade interrogates the intruder and learns that there are people who still very much want him dead. Another body is discovered, and Teresa begins her own investigation into the whereabouts of her father, Philippe Saint-Andre.
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  5. S1 A5Episode 5
    10 februari 2024
    Spade gets more than he bargained for when he questions his eccentric neighbors, and learns more about the boy's mysterious abilities. Teresa continues her investigation alone. Jean-Pierre faces his past and confronts Philippe.
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  6. S1 A6Episode 6
    17 februari 2024
    1 h 6 min
    Spade discovers who has been following him. Philippe sets up a deal for the boy that quickly goes sideways, leading to a dangerous confrontation on the old town bridge. A mysterious newcomer arrives, uncovering secret identities and agendas.
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