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Ridley Road

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Set in 1962 and inspired by true events, this story captures two historical movements that grow and clash throughout the era--the Nazi-inspired National Socialist Movement and a Jewish anti-fascist movement known as The 62 Group.
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  1. S1 A1Episode 1
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    1 maj 2022
    ÖVER 16 ÅR
    Inspired by true events. In 1962 Vivien, a Jewish hairdresser from Manchester, runs away to London from her upcoming marriage in pursuit of her true love, Jack. Here she discovers an underground organization working to stop the rise of a far-right movement led by Hitler fanatic Colin Jordan. After an attack leaves a young Jewish boy dead, Vivien becomes the only one who can stop them.
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  2. S1 A2Episode 2
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    8 maj 2022
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    Vivien meets fascist leader Colin Jordan who takes her into the heart of the National Socialist Movement. She needs to find Jack, but she also uncovers vital intelligence on the Movement and their plans for the Jewish community. Meanwhile in Manchester her parents have realized she's missing and are doing whatever they can to try and find her.
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  3. S1 A3Episode 3
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    15 maj 2022
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    After spending the night in his room Vivien has a run in with Colin Jordan's wife Francoise Dior. She finds out the fascists are mounting an international operation and planning a rally right in the heart of the Jewish community. The 62 Group do everything they can to stop them. Meanwhile the community have had enough and decide to make a stand against the National Socialists.
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  4. S1 A4Episode 4
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    22 maj 2022
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    With time running out Vivien risks everything to take down Colin and the National Socialist Movement. But what she doesn't know is her cover may have been blown, putting both herself and Jack in real danger. With Soly in prison and the 62 Group in chaos it's left to Vivien herself to make it out alive. Meanwhile Vivien's family have realized the truth about where she's been.
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