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Mike & Molly

6.420146 Seasons16+Subtitles and Closed Captions

Starring Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy, the fourth season of Mike & Molly is filled with surprises. In the season premiere, Molly abruptly gives up her job teaching elementary school to follow her dreams of becoming a writer. With the ever-present support of her beat-cop husband Mike and her family, Molly sets out to become the woman she was always meant to be.

Billy Gardell, Melissa McCarthy, Reno Wilson
English [CC], हिन्दी, தமிழ், తెలుగు
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Episodes (22)

  1. 1. Molly Unleashed

    Not available20 minutesNovember 3, 201316+Subtitles

    In the fourth season premiere episode, Molly (MELISSA McCARTHY) finds herself at a crossroads with her career and makes a huge decision to leave teaching to become a writer.

  2. 2. The First and Last Ride-Along

    Not available20 minutesNovember 10, 201316+Subtitles

    Molly goes on a ride-along with Mike and Carl (BILLY GARDELL and RENO WILSON) to research a crime novel she wants to write.

  3. 3. Sex and Death

    Not available20 minutesNovember 17, 201316+Subtitles

    Molly has a “mind blowing” experience when she visits Victoria’s workplace, a funeral home. Meanwhile, Mike sneaks a peek at Molly’s racy writing when she’s out of the house.

  4. 4. Careful What You Dig For

    Not available21 minutesNovember 24, 201316+Subtitles

    Molly gets advice from her literary idol, J.C. Small (guest star SUSAN SARANDON) that has her digging up dirt on her family.

  5. 5. Poker in the Front, Looker in the Back

    Not available20 minutesDecember 1, 201316+Subtitles

    Molly recruits Joyce to spy on her suspicious next-door neighbor, while Mike and the guys get together for a poker game and end up sharing their hopes and dreams.

  6. 6. Shoeless Molly Flynn

    Not available18 minutesDecember 8, 201316+Subtitles

    Molly needs to adjust her spending habits on shoes if she wants to maintain harmony in her marriage with Mike.

  7. 7. They Shoot Asses, Don't They?

    Not available18 minutesDecember 15, 201316+Subtitles

    After being shot during a robbery, Mike decides he needs to live every day like it’s his last. As a result, he tells Carl it’s time for him to quit the police force.

  8. 8. What Molly Hath Wrought

    Not available20 minutesJanuary 12, 201416+Subtitles

    Molly decides to take a break from writing her novel and accepts a job as a forklift driver at Vince’s warehouse…with mixed results.

  9. 9. Mike & Molly's Excellent Adventure

    Not available19 minutesJanuary 19, 201416+Subtitles

    Molly is determined to get Mike out of his routine and encourages him to embrace anything they want in life. They try new things together, until reality sets in and it’s time to pay the bill.

  10. 10. Weekend at Peggy’s

    Not available19 minutesJanuary 26, 201416+Subtitles

    Following a dramatic argument with Joyce over money, Mike and Molly move into Mike’s childhood room at Peggy’s.

  11. 11. Dips & Salsa

    Not available18 minutesFebruary 2, 201416+Subtitles

    Mike asks Carl to replace him as Molly’s dance partner at a salsa class, but gets jealous when he realizes they’re having way too much fun.

  12. 12. Mind Over Molly

    Not available21 minutesFebruary 23, 201416+Subtitles

    Molly grudgingly goes to a therapist (guest star JOHN MICHAEL HIGGINS) at Mike’s urging.

  13. 13. Open Mike Night

    Not available18 minutesMarch 2, 201416+Subtitles

    A confident Molly offers her wisdom to Samuel who now wants to be a standup comic. Meanwhile, Molly’s advice to Harry causes him to challenge his protective mother.

  14. 14. Rich Man, Poor Girl

    Not available19 minutesMarch 9, 201416+Subtitles

    Victoria brings home a new boyfriend, James (guest star MATHER ZICKEL) and the entire family wonders if he’s finally “the one.”

  15. 15. Three Girls and an Urn

    Not available19 minutesMarch 16, 201416+Subtitles

    Molly meets the best buddy of her dreams when Peggy’s childhood friend, Kay McKinnon (guest star KATHY BATES) comes to town, but Peggy is not keen on sharing.

  16. 16. The Dice Lady Cometh

    Not available18 minutesMarch 23, 201416+Subtitles

    Molly looks to win some extra cash when she and the girls head to a riverboat casino for the weekend. Meanwhile, Mike and Vince try to enjoy some college basketball with the guys.

  17. 17. McMillan and Mom

    Not available20 minutesApril 13, 201416+Subtitles

    Carl, Mike and Samuel take a road trip to Memphis to meet Carl’s mother for the first time.

  18. 18. Mike's Manifold Destiny

    Not available18 minutesApril 20, 201416+Subtitles

    Mike learns a lesson after his car breaks down and he's forced to decide whether or not to accept a loan from Carl to fix it.

  19. 19. Who's Afraid of J.C. Small

    Not available21 minutesApril 27, 201416+Subtitles

    Mike and Carl arrest Molly’s literary hero, J.C. Small (SUSAN SARANDON), for driving under the influence.

  20. 20. Sex, Lies and Helicopters

    Not available19 minutesMay 4, 201416+Subtitles

    Molly catches Carl coming out of Victoria’s room late at night, leaving her questioning whether or not she will tell Mike.

  21. 21. This Old Peggy

    Not available18 minutesMay 11, 201416+Subtitles

    Mike wants Peggy to see a doctor after her bathtub falls through the ceiling.

  22. 22. Eight is Enough

    Not available19 minutesMay 18, 201416+Subtitles

    On the fourth season finale, Molly gets accepted into an elite eight-week writers’ workshop in Iowa, but faces a big decision when Mike asks her not to go.

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