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Silent Witness

IMDb 7.81998X-RayTV-14
Forensic pathologist Dr. Sam Ryan has an all-embracing, passionate notion of justice that can lead to trouble in her personal and professional lives, but to Sam, each dead body deserves the truth.
Amanda BurtonWilliam ArmstrongJesse Birdsall
English [CC]
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  1. 1. An Academic Exercise, Pt. 1
    March 19, 1998
    A murder at a Cambridge college leads Sam into professional, emotional and physical danger. Dr. Annabelle Evans, a close friend of Sam and a lecturer, is found murdered. New detectives Connor and Bradley suspect Annabelle's husband. But when Connor realizes that Sam knows the victim, he is understandably concerned. Sam's certainties are tested as she discovers confusing forensic evidence.
  2. 2. An Academic Exercise, Pt. 2
    March 26, 1998
    A student is murdered and the police suspect it's the same person who killed Annabelle Evans. Sam's too close to the case and her emotion is clouding her judgement. She and Trevor deduce that Annabelle's body was likely frozen, dressed, moved and smeared with animal blood. It's as if the killer is testing Sam. A clever and extremely dangerous killer may well be setting his sights on Sam herself.
  3. 3. Fallen Idol, Pt. 1
    April 2, 1998
    Hidden secrets in a suburban, middle-class family come to light when a 17-year-old girl is found murdered. Gemma Boyd, a trainee estate agent, is found dead at the bottom of a staircase in an empty house. Mysterious calls are logged to her office and home. As the police and Sam investigate, dark truths about the family are brought to light.
  4. 4. Fallen Idol, Pt. 2
    April 9, 1998
    When Suzy Franklin's first husband turns up on her doorstep after being released from prison, she greets him with a knife. The police are convinced that Boyd killed his daughter, Gemma. Sam has her own theory about what really happened, but it seems that the police are no nearer finding Gemma's killer. Who killed Gemma? A man from her past, an unknown stalker or someone closer to home?
  5. 5. Divided Loyalties, Pt. 1
    April 15, 1998
    Sam is called to an apartment where Maggie Collins and her baby are found dead. Weeks later, an explosion kills a local drug dealer. Sam thinks the cases are linked, but her theory is dismissed. Sam continues her investigation, leading her to Andy Fox, a small-time drug dealer. But Sam discovers Fox's secret and his suspicions about Maggie's death.
  6. 6. Divided Loyalties, Pt. 2
    April 16, 1998
    Fox believes his attackers were officers. Does Sam realize her investigation could point to police corruption? When a second dealer is murdered, the police think it's vigilantism. But Sam proves a link leading her to a doctor with a secret past, a corrupt rehabilitation worker and finally DCI Hoskins. Is the murderer someone who knew Maggie or someone covering up their involvement in her death?
  7. 7. Brothers in Arms, Pt. 1
    April 23, 1998
    An accident leads Sam to investigate the army cover-up of a murder in Northern Ireland in 1985. When Phil Nelson dies, Sam thinks it's accidental. But a tip points her to evidence that it was murder. Connor suspects Owen Johnson, former soldier. Then Ian Neal, who served with Owen, is murdered. Forensics proves it was Ian who sent the tip. Was he trying to tell Sam about a past crime?
  8. 8. Brothers in Arms, Pt. 2
    April 30, 1998
    Sam continues her investigations into two suspicious deaths. But will Sam solve the crimes of the past and present before a deadly revenge is enacted? What's the connection between the dead soldier and an Army killing in 1985?

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Anne Pivcevic
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