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19993 SeasonsAll AgesSubtitles and Closed Captions

Thrills, chills, exhilarating highs and crushing disappointments! Caillou is the series which brings to life the adventures of the pint-sized hero of the popular children’s books. Geared to pre-schoolers, each episode deals with a normal issue of growing up such as new friends, new places, new experiences, and life with a new little sister! Our hero deals with these junior problems in a way t...

Annie Bovaird
English [CC]
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Español (España), Español (Latinoamérica), Français, Italiano, Português
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Episodes (20)

  1. 1. Star Light, Star Bright / All in a Day's Work / The Cat's Meow / Caillou In Space

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou and the family are at Grandma & Grandpa's for an evening corn roast. Everyone marvels at the night sky full of stars-which gives Grandpa the perfect opportunity to bring out his telescope & introduce Caillou to the constellations. / The house wakes up late, and that means it's mad rush to get off to work and off to childcare. When Caillou doesn't want daddy to go to work, dad decid...

  2. 2. The Treasure Chest / A Camping We Will Go / Chopsticks / A Special Dog

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou is helping Mom clean out the attic. When they come across an old chest, they open it and discover it's full of unexpected things that may not be worth much money, but are treasures nonetheless. / The family goes away for a weekend of camping in the woods. Caillou is startled when the fish in the lake tickle him. He climbs a mountain with Daddy and really, really hopes he will get to...

  3. 3. Caillou Beats the Heat / Back Seat Driver / Lost and Found / Holiday Magic

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    It's hot and steamy and Mom won't let Caillou go to the public pool since they've been every day this week! When Caillou refuses to put on some sunscreen and Rosie won't nap, Mom quickly realizes that the hot weather is making everyone grumpy. She and Caillou come up with the perfect solution: they connect the lawn sprinkler for some good time backyard fun - which certainly doesn't need ...

  4. 4. Downhill From Here / Next Stop Fun / Under Sail / Farmer Caillou

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Mom, an avid skier, takes Caillou downhill skiing while Dad and Rosie sit in the cozy chalet and watch. At first Caillou is frightened by the ski lift, but with Mom's help, makes it down the hill just fine and has lots of fun. Afterwards, they all get together for tobogganing and a well-deserved hot chocolate. / Caillou is very excited when the family takes a trip across country by train. A...

  5. 5. Sunday Brunch / Caillou to the Rescue / Caillou's Top Bunk / Recipe For Fun

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou, Dad and Rosie take Mom out for Sunday brunch to celebrate Mother's day. The meal is at a fancy restaurant and Dad explains to Caillou and Rosie that they have to be on their best behaviour. Caillou even wears a tie for the occasion. / Gilbert gets caught up a tree, and to Caillou's delight a fire truck full of firefighters has to be called in to rescue him. Dad happens to know one...

  6. 6. New Kids on the Block / Caillou Goes to School / Caillou's Kitchen / Caillou's Sea Adventure

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Walking by the empty lot at the end of the street, Caillou and Dad notice the real estate sign showing that it's been sold. Caillou watches as the tractors arrive and a house magically appears. Next comes the moving van and Caillou soon finds out that what he thought was a single new playmate turns out to be two! / When Sarah's school has a little sister or brother day, Sarah decides to inv...

  7. 7. The Little Bird / Lights Out / Caillou's Check Up / Calling Dr. Caillou

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou and Sarah find a baby bird that fell from its nest. With Mom and Sarah's help Caillou cares for it and protects it from a very interested Gilbert. He's a bit frightened by the bird at first, but soon grows very attached to it. Soon the bird is ready to fly and Caillou has to let him go. / A winter storm knocks the power out at Caillou's home. Caillou is startled and confused that...

  8. 8. Pumpkin Patch Kid / Caillou's Got Rhythm / Do It Myself / Caillou's Big Sale

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Grandpa and Caillou go for a visit to a pumpkin patch. Caillou has a hard time deciding which pumpkin to bring home and settles on two-a big one for himself and a little one for Rosie. Once home, the whole family gets in on the fun of creating some great jack-o-lanterns. / During a visit to the park with Grandma, Caillou and Rosie see some musicians playing outside. Grandma gets the idea to ...

  9. 9. One, Two, Boom! / Out of the Woods / House Paint / Caillou's Thanksgiving

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou is awoken by a thunderstorm. The loud thunder and scary lightning have him hiding in his closet. Dad soon comes to the rescue and together they play a counting a game. Caillou soon learns that by counting the time between the lightning and thunder, you can tell if the storm is going away. Dad and Caillou play the one-two boom game! / Caillou spends the day with Miss Martin, Clementi...

  10. 10. Say Cheese / Finders Keepers / A Frog in Caillou's Throat / Caillou the Great

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou tries his hand at being family photographer and discovers it can be a pretty tricky job. Gilbert won't stay still, the flash makes Rosie cry and it can be hard to see who's in the picture when you've left your thumb over the lens. With some help from Dad, Caillou finally gets the hang of it and takes some pretty nice photos and even gets to be in one himself. / Caillou and Leo can...

  11. 11. Clowning Around / Read All About It / Mom For a Day / Caillou Plays Baseball

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou visits Grandma who shows him a book about clowns she got from the library. Grandma suggests they make puppets and have a clown theatre of their very own. With brown paper bags and some yarn, Caillou and Grandma put on a surprise performance for Mom and Rosie. / Caillou and Mom go to the library for story time. Caillou has scribbled on one of the books he borrowed, and is afraid to br...

  12. 12. Comic Caper! / Hide and Seek / Caillou's Clouds / Caillou Cleans Up

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou and Dad are settling down for their favourite weekend ritual of "reading" the paper. Caillou can't wait to see his favourite comic strip, but thanks to an ill-timed gust of wind and a very mischievous cat, Caillou has to exercise some patience and persistence before he can finally enjoy it. / Caillou can't seem to play quietly in his room without Rosie interrupting and generally ge...

  13. 13. Caillou and the Tooth Fairy / I Want to Grow Up / Caillou's Big Chill / Leo's Hamster

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou and Sarah are playing together when Caillou notices his friend wiggling her loose tooth back and forth. He asks her about it and she crouches down to show him. She uses her tongue to wiggle it back and forth, explaining that soon it will fall out. At first Caillou is horrified. Sarah laughs and tells him baby teeth are supposed to fall out. It makes room for the grown up teeth. An...

  14. 14. Three's a Crowd / Get Well Soon / Shadow Play / A New Member of the Family

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou, Mom and Rosie go the park, where they join Leo and Clementine already playing in the sandbox. Accidentally Caillou breaks a part of the sand castle as well as Clementine's bucket. They are mad at him. Caillou is sad his friends don't want to play with him. He offers his bucket to replace the broken one and helps them to finish the sand castle. They are his friends again. / Caill...

  15. 15. Surprise Party / Caillou's Bad Dream / Caillou Computes / Caillou's Big Discovery

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    When Caillou learns that they've missed Grandpa's birthday, he helps Grandma put together a belated surprise party. And it's a surprise for the whole family, except for Grandma and Caillou. / After a scary nightmare, Caillou doesn't want to sleep in his own bed anymore and sneaks into Mommy and Daddy's. Mommy and Daddy are wakened by his tossing and turning and are very surprised to find...

  16. 16. Caillou Goes to the Car Wash / Far Away Home / All You Can Eat / Caillou Stays Up Late

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou, Dad and Rosie take the car to the car wash. It's Rosie's first time and she is a bit scared . But Caillou reassures her by explaining everything to her. / When babysitter Julie brings over a children's atlas one afternoon, Caillou uses his imagination to turn the house into the setting for a desert expedition. / Caillou and Mom are joining Clementine and her mom for a picnic lunch...

  17. 17. Backyard Zoo / Caillou's Scavenger Hunt / Too Many Cooks / The Berry Patch

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    When a trip to the zoo gets cancelled, Caillou and his friends Clementine and Leo make their own zoo in Caillou's backyard. / When Julie comes over to babysit she announces that she's brought along a really fun game. Caillou's a bit confused when the game turns out to be a list on a piece of paper, and things aren't much clearer when Julie says it's a scavenger hunt. But he soon discover...

  18. 18. Caillou's Suitcase / Try, Try Again / The New Leaf / Happy New Year

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou's very excited about a family trip and decides to pack his own suitcase. The problem is he just can't seem to fit everything in it. After trying to cram everything in, and then tossing out clothes in favour of toys, Mom helps him make some tough decisions. / Caillou has trouble learning to tie his shoelaces and finds it hard to be patient until through an adventure with his kite at ...

  19. 19. Caillou's Cross Word / Caillou Meets Robbie / The Pinata / Caillou's Promise

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    Caillou is in a silly mood and is calling everything stupid…stupid chair, stupid truck, stupid Gilbert. Mom tells him it's not nice and asks him to stop. Caillou doesn't really understand what the big deal is until Rosie starts to mimic him and the shoe is on the other foot. / When Caillou introduces himself to another little boy at the park, he's surprised when the boy doesn't answer h...

  20. 20. A Surprise for Mommy / Caillou Misses Sarah / T-Shirt Trouble / A Helping Hand

    Not available22 minutesDecember 31, 1999All AgesSubtitles

    When Dad comes up with a great surprise for Mom, a professional photo of Caillou and Rosie, Caillou has to help Dad keep it a secret. Caillou knows that Mom will love to be surprised, but keeping a secret turns out to be very tricky indeed. / Caillou's friend Sarah is going away on a trip for two whole weeks and Caillou is really going to miss her. / When Caillou's brand new T-shirt is ruine...

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