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Alice in Paris

20162 सीज़नसभीसबटाइटल

A short-form, scripted series where we follow an energetic young woman through the streets of Paris to find the best food and places in a city she knows like the back of her hand, but can still easily get lost in.

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English [CC]
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एपिसोड (25)

  1. 1. A Cafe That's Cooler Than Your Home

    1 मिनट9 जून 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Alice has lunch at Pavillon des Canaux, one of the coolest cafes in the world, and discovers an unlikely surprise.

  2. 2. Where Did My Eggs Go?

    1 मिनट9 जून 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Alice is cooking for her friends! Realizing she doesn't have any eggs to make the omelet she wanted to, Alice scrambles (!!) to find a solution.

  3. 3. A Cream Puff Romance

    1 मिनट16 जून 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Alice tries to enjoy the perfect afternoon snack after a hard day of classes.

  4. 4. Best Pita Ever

    1 मिनट17 जून 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Before Alice can focus on her photography challenge at hand, she finds she first must have a pita... and another... and another.

  5. 5. Epic Candy Hunt

    1 मिनट23 जून 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Alice goes on a candy hunt to end all other candy hunts. Sweet tooth required.

  6. 6. An Unconventional Potluck

    1 मिनट30 जून 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Alice is after a very unconventional piece of food for a very unconventional potluck.

  7. 7. Alice vs the Train

    1 मिनट7 जुलाई 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Packed for a trip, Alice first makes a stop at La Pointe Du Grouin, but will she make her train in time?

  8. 8. A Secret Rendezvous Spot

    1 मिनट13 जुलाई 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Alice has a date at a secret location. Relying on a treasure map she takes to the streets, but will she find it?

  9. 9. Breakfast for Lunch

    1 मिनट21 जुलाई 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Alice may not have time for a shower or a cup of coffee, but she'll always make time for breakfast - even when it's lunch. A Tastemade Original Production. Created by: Alysse Hallali and Thibaud Paul Martin

  10. 10. Finding Nature in Paris

    1 मिनट28 जुलाई 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    It's springtime in Paris, but nature is just out of Alice's reach. Where must she go to find it?

  11. 11. Winner Winner, Baguette Dinner

    1 मिनट4 अगस्त 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Looking to beat her frenemy's record run, Alice stumbles down a hill and into the most adorable pastry shop. A Tastemade Original Production. Created by: Alysse Hallali and Thibaud Paul Martin

  12. 12. Lost in a Parisian Nightmare

    1 मिनट11 अगस्त 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Alice finds herself lost in a Parisian nightmare. What's the perfect antidote to wake her from her slumber?

  13. 13. A Day With Her Honey

    1 मिनट18 अगस्त 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Exploring a honey shop, Alice tries honeycomb and helps a new little friend find its way back home. A Tastemade Original Production. Created by: Alysse Hallali and Thibaud Paul Martin

  14. 14. Alice's Lunchtime Secrets

    1 मिनट25 अगस्त 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    On the first day of her internship, Alice gets sidetracked while picking up a special lunch item.

  15. 15. A Cheesy Predicament

    1 मिनट1 सितंबर 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Tasked with bringing cheese to a picnic, Alice must first cross through a park teeming with obstacles.

  16. 16. A "Sweet" Pastry Prank

    1 मिनट8 सितंबर 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    When Alice discovers a shop that makes deceivingly sweet-looking savory pastries, she decides to pull a prank on her friend Rhoda.

  17. 17. Overwhelmed at the Market

    1 मिनट15 सितंबर 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    With a grocery list in hand, Alice sets out to the market, only to find herself overwhelmed by the people and produce.

  18. 18. Chef for a Day

    1 मिनट22 सितंबर 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Exploring a custom seafood restaurant, Alice takes over as the chef until she is exposed.

  19. 19. To Grandmother's House She Goes?

    1 मिनट29 सितंबर 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Off to visit her grandmother by bicycle, Alice decides on a new route.

  20. 20. A Perfect Match

    1 मिनट6 अक्तूबर 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Alice has a date and must find the right place for her perfect match.

  21. 21. The Pastry Trap

    1 मिनट12 अक्तूबर 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    When Alice's niece runs off while she's babysitting, Alice sets a trap to lure her back - with pastries.

  22. 22. Rainy Day Cheers

    1 मिनट19 अक्तूबर 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    How does Alice cheer up her friend with a broken heart?

  23. 23. A Day With Donuts

    1 मिनट26 अक्तूबर 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Alice gets stuck with a box of gourmet donuts for the day when her friend's train gets delayed.

  24. 24. A Place to Chill

    1 मिनट2 नवंबर 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    Where does Alice go to cool down from the sweltering Paris heat?

  25. 25. Goodbye, Paris?

    1 मिनट9 नवंबर 2016सभीसबटाइटल

    How does Alice decide to spend her last day in Paris before summer break?

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