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Silent Witness

IMDb 7.81997X-RayTV-14
Forensic pathologist Dr. Sam Ryan has an all-embracing, passionate notion of justice that can lead to trouble in her personal and professional lives, but to Sam, each dead body deserves the truth.
Amanda Burton
English [CC]
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  1. 1. Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Pt. 1
    February 14, 1997
    Boxer Kevin Sharma drives his car onto a building site. He drags his bruised body out of a skip, leaving Tony Kennedy, the man he knocked down, inside. Jack Reeve and promoter Keith Jones are hosting a match where Sharma is topping the bill, but he dies in the ring. Everyone is interested in the gym where Sharma trained. The police agree Sharma's death is suspicious. An investigation begins.
  2. 2. Blood, Sweat, and Tears , Pt. 2
    February 21, 1997
    The investigation widens. Sam realizes that Terri's death could not have been suicide. The gym is in turmoil, until Keith Jones comes in, declaring he will take over St. Paul's, look after Terry and bring in a new trainer. Ross is convinced Jones is not the man he pretends to be and Sam is sure she can place him at Terri's death. Sam goes back to the body, searching for the clue she needs.
  3. 3. Cease Upon the Midnight, Pt. 1
    February 28, 1997
    Mark realizes that he's entering the final stages of AIDS. Another AIDS sufferer, Stuart, throws a birthday party, but dies the next day. Sam conducts an autopsy and sees that someone injected Evans' foot with diamorphine. Evans' consultant, Dr. de Groot, says Mark, another patient, also died recently. Ross orders the exhumation of Mark's body and discovers a link between them.
  4. 4. Cease Upon the Midnight, Pt. 2
    March 7, 1997
    The hunt is on for Craig Tate. He was at Evans' party, had an argument with his brother and the police found a picture of Mark smashed and covered in blood at his home. Why kill men in the final stages of an illness? Could it have been mercy killing? Sam realizes the evidence leads to one conclusion. At the church, Rev. Duffy is found dead.
  5. 5. Only The Lonely, Pt. 1
    March 21, 1997
    Ross is looking at cold cases when Helen Matthews' body is found. Her murder is similar to one a year ago. Everything points to her husband Mike, an airfield manager. Everyone in the office knew about Alan, his Senior Flying Instructor, and Helen's affair. It is discovered that Helen and Alan were planning to run off. Sam and Ross get time together, but Sam leaves unsure of their relationship.
  6. 6. Only The Lonely, Pt. 2
    March 28, 1997
    The police are convinced that Matthews is responsible for his wife's death, until someone points to an old case, where a man was killed in the same way as Alan. Sam reexamines the bodies and discovers a faint bruise. The suspect must have a sixth finger. The hunt for Carolyn begins. Determined to get Alan back, Carolyn confronts Sam, demanding at knifepoint that she release Alan's body.
  7. 7. Friends Like These, Pt. 1
    April 4, 1997
    When an elderly woman is beaten to death on a rundown inner-city estate, suspicion falls upon a local alcoholic with a history of violence. But Sam has little forensic evidence and the details of how Millicent sustained her injuries have been shielded. Sam sees the boys who discovered the body playing, re-creating with sugar teeth the exact details of the crime: details only the perps would know.
  8. 8. Friends Like These, Pt. 2
    April 11, 1997
    The following day, Sam reports to Ross and Selway what she saw, but they are skeptical. Sam puts her job on the line to prove that this crime was committed by two 15-year-olds. Sam's conduct is the talk of the station. Ross is torn between his feelings and professional responsibilities. Appalled that Sam pursued her theory and jeopardized the case he was building, he reports her to the Coroner.

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Julian JarroldNick LaughlandCatherine MorsheadRichard Signy
Alison Lumb
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