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Marriage is a warm, sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always revealing look at the need for togetherness and the joy of love in a difficult world. Married couple Ian and Emma negotiate the insecurities, the ambiguities, the hopes and the fears, and the risks and the gifts of a long-term intimate relationship.
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  1. S1 E1 - Episode 1
    August 13, 2022
    Ian and Emma get back from their holiday in Spain and return to their normal lives. Ian has recently been made redundant and is beginning to adapt to his new existence. Emma is doing well at work and trying to balance that with Ian’s feelings. Their daughter Jessica gets in touch and wants to bring her boyfriend round to meet them.
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  2. S1 E2 - Episode 2
    August 14, 2022
    Ian continues his job search with no success. Meanwhile, Emma finds she has the opportunity to go to a work conference, where she might get contacts for her business idea. She’s nervous to tell Ian, but when Ian meets Emma’s boss and learns the news through him, he confronts her. Emma's father interrupts their anniversary plans. Jessica has an argument with Adam and looks for a way out.
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  3. S1 E3 - Episode 3
    August 20, 2022
    Emma attends a legal conference with her boss, Jamie, while Ian waits at home, worried about what she’s doing. Emma starts to see a new side to Jamie and is left with the choice of whether to go back to his room or not at the end of the night. Jessica meets a new friend who could turn out to be something more. Emma and Ian come to a new understanding together and Ian finds a way to move forward.
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  4. S1 E4 - Episode 4
    August 21, 2022
    Jessica breaks up with Adam and moves back into her parents’ home. She helps Ian pack up his recently deceased mother’s house and while there, they have a moment of bonding over the past. Emma confronts her father and her boss with some truths. Jamie receives an unexpected visitor. When Jessica finds a new flat, Ian and Emma are left to consider their lives without her again.
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