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Bates Motel

20135 säsonger16+Undertexter och dolda texter

From Executive Producers Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Kerry Ehrin (Friday Night Lights and Parenthood), Bates Motel delves into the sadistic and twisted relationship between serial killer-to-be, Norman Bates, and his mother Norma. A prelude to the classic horror film Psycho, the series takes a contemporary glimpse into Norman's formative years and reveals how he became one of the most infamous murde...

I huvudrollerna
Olivia Cooke, Freddie Highmore, Nicola Peltz
Skräck, Drama, Spänning
العربية, বাংলা, English [CC], हिन्दी, 한국어, मराठी, Nederlands, Polski, Русский, தமிழ் [CC], తెలుగు, Türkçe, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體)
Deutsch, English, Español (España), Español (Latinoamérica), Français, Italiano, Português, 日本語
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Avsnitt (10)

  1. 1. First You Dream, Then You Die

    43 minuter17 mars 201316+Undertexter

    After the tragic death of her husband, Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) buys a motel on the outskirts of an idyllic coastal town seeking a fresh start. Her handsome and shy teenage son Norman (Freddie Highmore) quickly catches the eyes of the local girls, much to his mother's horror. Norma and Norman soon discover the idyllic town isn't what it seems, and the locals will do anything to protect their ...

  2. 2. Nice Town You Picked, Norma...

    42 minuter24 mars 201316+Undertexter

    Dylan wastes no time causing trouble at home and all the while, the Bates family is inexorably drawn into the dark underbelly of White Pine Bay.

  3. 3. What's Wrong With Norman

    42 minuter31 mars 201316+Undertexter

    Dylan starts his new job and learns that there is more to it than he thought. Meanwhile, Norman and Emma make a shocking discovery.

  4. 4. Trust Me...

    43 minuter7 april 201316+Undertexter

    Norma's suspicions about people in town are raised, but other distractions continue to surface.

  5. 5. Ocean View

    42 minuter14 april 201316+Undertexter

    Norman desperately seeks his mother's return home as Norma gets some much needed help. Norman and Emma find more clues that lead to a big discovery, while Norman continues to pursue Bradley.

  6. 6. The Truth

    42 minuter21 april 201316+Undertexter

    Dylan asks Norman to move in with him. Chaos ensues at the Bates home as Norma tells Emma that some things are better kept to themselves.

  7. 7. The Man in Number 9

    43 minuter28 april 201316+Undertexter

    Norma's first guest at the Bates Motel is not what she expected. Norman discovers that even popular girls are complicated.

  8. 8. A Boy And His Dog

    42 minuter5 maj 201316+Undertexter

    Norma finds herself in conflict with a mysterious stranger. Rumors spread at school and Bradley is not enthused. Dylan and Remo go on a road trip that has a violent outcome. Norman takes up a grisly hobby.

  9. 9. Underwater

    43 minuter12 maj 201316+Undertexter

    Abernathy amps up the pressure, but Norma doesn't know what he wants. Dylan and Bradley connect. Norman has an active imagination, which Miss Watson encourages. Emma goes on a trip.

  10. 10. Midnight

    42 minuter19 maj 201316+Undertexter

    Romero decides that it is time to act and Norman takes Emma to the dance. Miss Watson gives Norman a ride home.

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Amazon Maturity Rating
16+ Young Adults. Learn more
Supporting actors
Max Thieriot, Nestor Carbonell, Mike Vogel, Vera Farmiga