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Season 1

One bar. One night. Ten single people. Welcome to Mix.

Sarah Bolger, Adam Campbell, Adan Canto
English [CC]
Audio Languages
English, Español
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Episodes (13)

  1. 1. Tom & Maya

    Not available21 minutesFebruary 25, 2014NRSubtitles

    Tom’s best friends, Cal and Bruce, are throwing him back into the dating pool whether he likes it or not. Some people may get lucky while others are destined to spend the night alone.

  2. 2. Liv & Ron

    Not available21 minutesMarch 4, 2014NRSubtitles

    After a chance meeting, Liv is charmed by Ron, and the two have instant chemistry. Jessica and Fab start a competition to win the affections of Dominic. Tom, Bruce and Cal are still on the hunt for some ladies.

  3. 3. Bruce & Jessica

    Not available21 minutesMarch 11, 2014NRSubtitles

    Bruce sets his eyes on Jessica. He’s quickly rejected, but he ignores advice and continues to pursue her. Liv decides to indulge her curiosity with Ron.

  4. 4. Cal & Kacey

    Not available21 minutesMarch 18, 2014NRSubtitles

    Cal and Kacey are both hopeless romantics and when the two meet, they think they’re soul mates, until Bruce and Tom get involved. Fab and Jessica have a traumatic encounter in the ladies room.

  5. 5. Fab & Jessica & Dominic

    Not available21 minutesMarch 25, 2014NRSubtitles

    Jessica and Fab are in competition over the bartender, but they are in for a rude awakening the more they get to know him. Tom wants to make a move on Maya, but he has no idea how. Cal is heartbroken over Kacey.

  6. 6. Tom & Maya II

    Not available21 minutesApril 1, 2014NRSubtitles

    Things are going surprisingly well with Tom and Maya until Laura, Tom’s ex-fiancé, enters the bar. Meanwhile, Liv is in awe of Jessica and Fab’s ability to flirt with guys, so she asks for some pointers.

  7. 7. Bruce & Fab

    Not available21 minutesApril 8, 2014NRSubtitles

    Bruce and Fab knew they hated each other, but as the night continues, could their hatred turn into something more? Tom gets into a fight and Jessica shows Liv and Maya a well-endowed photo of Ron that leaves Liv wanting more.

  8. 8. Jessica & Ron

    Not available21 minutesApril 15, 2014NRSubtitles

    Jessica regrets sending a naked photo to Ron. The chance to hook up is in Bruce’s favor when he meets a woman who is into red-heads, but things quickly look grim when a famous red-head enters the bar.

  9. 9. Dominic & Kacey

    Not available21 minutesApril 22, 2014NRSubtitles

    After countless meaningless hookups, Kacey confronts Dominic about their relationship status and is taken aback by his response. Dominic then finds himself in unfamiliar territory and turns to Tom for advice.

  10. 10. Liv & Jim

    Not available20 minutesApril 29, 2014NRSubtitles

    Liv is forced to face her actions as well as her engagement after her fiancé unexpectedly shows up at the bar. Bruce finds new guys to hang out with.

  11. 11. Bruce & Maya

    Not available21 minutesMay 6, 2014NRSubtitles

    Bruce recruits Maya to fake flirt with him to get Jessica’s attention, but when things start to look like they’re getting serious between them, Tom gets nervous causing Cal to spring into action.

  12. 12. Last Call

    Not available20 minutesMay 13, 2014NRSubtitles

    Tom finds himself bonding with Liv while she tries to help him take home Maya. Bruce starts to panic when he realizes Jessica is probably going to go home with Dominic.

  13. 13. Closing Time

    Not available21 minutesMay 20, 2014NRSubtitles

    It's Tom's last chance to ask Maya to go home with him. Bruce has to decide whether or not to make a play for Jessica.

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