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Love and Hate Crime

How dangerous is it to be different in America? This shocking, often brutal, BBC Select true crime documentary looks at murders which revolve around love and passion as well as prejudice. These are active cases told by those intimately involved with amazing access to crime agencies and prisoners. What's the story behind these vicious crimes and could the tragic consequences have been avoided?
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  1. S1 E1 - 1. Double Lives
    January 7, 2018
    In Mississippi, a beautiful teenage transgender girl, Mercedes Williamson, is killed by her gang-member boyfriend Josh. But what drove him to this brutal crime? Filmed with amazing access to the killer in prison and court, this disturbing true crime documentary on BBC Select tries to discover what really happened. As Josh is interviewed, what shocking secrets about their relationship will emerge?
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  2. S1 E2 - 2. Murder in Mississippi
    January 14, 2018
    When a Black man is murdered in Jackson, Mississippi, an FBI investigation uncovers a campaign of attacks by local White kids. But what is the true role of one 18-year-old girl? This shocking true crime documentary on BBC Select reveals the motivations of these White youngsters who targeted their Black neighbors. What drove them to such astonishing prejudice and who is ultimately responsible?
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  3. S1 E3 - 3. Killer With a Camera
    January 21, 2018
    This film goes inside the mind of a murderer using the video footage he shot during the planning and execution of his crime. As this chilling true crime documentary on BBC Select reveals, Adrian Loya spent months planning the killing of Lisa Trubnikova. What were the twisted thought processes that led to his decision to kill and will a jury believe that he was insane when the crime occurred?
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