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Foyle's War

Michael Kitchen stars as Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Foyle in this original PBS Masterpiece Theatre mystery series. Set in the beautiful southern English countryside amid the disorder and danger of World War II, Foyle's War takes place far from the glory of the front.
IMDb 8,620024 episoder
Gratis prøveperiode på Acorn TV


  1. S1 E1The German Woman
    27. oktober 2002
    1 t 38 min.
    At a time when German nationals are being interned in British camps, the beautiful Austrian wife of a local magistrate is resented by locals. When she is found murdered, a swastika painted on a nearby tree, Foyle realizes the seemingly peaceful Sussex town harbors any number of suspects.
    Gratis prøveperiode på Acorn TV
  2. S1 E2The White Feather
    3. november 2002
    1 t 36 min.
    The arrest of a young girl on a sabotage charge brings Foyle into contact with a group of English Nazi sympathizers. Shots are fired at the group's charismatic leader, but it is the hotel owner who dies. Foyle investigates the murder and uncovers a plot to smuggle a vitally important letter to the enemy.
    Gratis prøveperiode på Acorn TV
  3. S1 E3A Lesson in Murder
    10. november 2002
    1 t 36 min.
    A conscientious objector dies in police custody, setting in motion a series of suspicious deaths and a complicated puzzle for Foyle. When Foyle has pieced together the truth, the entry of Italy into the war engulfs a close friend in tragedy.
    Gratis prøveperiode på Acorn TV
  4. S1 E4Eagle Day
    17. november 2002
    1 t 37 min.
    In the course of investigating a murder, Foyle uncovers a plot to steal art treasures being moved from the local museum to Wales for safekeeping. Meanwhile, Foyle's son flies his first mission as a Royal Air Force pilot and is accused of passing top secret information to the enemy.
    Gratis prøveperiode på Acorn TV


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