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Dirk Gently

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Meet Dirk Gently. He's poorly dressed, perpetually insolvent ...and uncommonly good at solving mysteries. As proprietor of the Holistic Detective Agency, Dirk follows methods that are, in his own words, "based on an almost unswerving belief in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things." Affably played by Stephen Mangan (Episodes), Dirk is aided--and frequently irritated--by his hapless assistant, Richard MacDuff (Darren Boyd, Holy Flying Circus). Together, they tackle cases ranging from a missing cat to a murder that may involve the Pentagon.
IMDb 7,620124 episodios
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  1. T1 E1 - Pilot
    11 de diciembre de 2010
    1 h 1 min
    Struggling holistic detective Dirk Gently is hot on the trail of a missing cat when a chance encounter with MacDuff, an old college chum, leads to an even bigger case--the disappearance of billionaire Gordon Way. Dirk recruits the hapless MacDuff as his sidekick to solve the crime.
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  2. T1 E2 - Episode 1
    5 de marzo de 2012
    60 min
    Mr. Edwards, a paranoid computer programmer, hires Dirk to investigate whether the Pentagon is tracking his every move. Dirk dismisses him as a quack, but when he discovers Edwards's revolutionary software prototype, the detective realizes he's stumbled onto something big.
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  3. T1 E3 - Episode 2
    12 de marzo de 2012
    59 min
    Dirk and MacDuff are hired as security consultants at their old university. While Dirk is preoccupied trying to find out why he was expelled years ago, an immensely valuable robot is stolen. Later, Dirk's old mentor is murdered, forcing the duo to investigate while evading the police.
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  4. T1 E4 - Episode 3
    19 de marzo de 2012
    60 min
    Dirk's former clients are turning up dead, and a police inspector with a grudge against the detective would like nothing more than to convict him. Dirk and MacDuff race to find the killer before he can strike their newest client--a beautiful woman with a mysterious stalker.
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English [CC]
Damon ThomasTom Shankland
Howard OvermanChris Carey
Stephan ManganDarren Boyd
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