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Generation War

Season 1
Valor, courage, and betrayal come to the fore in this remarkable epic that shows the everyday realities of wartime life from a deeply personal perspective. Billed as a German Band of Brothers, Generation War vividly depicts the lives of five young German friends forced to navigate the unconscionable moral compromises of life under Hitler
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  1. S1 E1 - A Different Time
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    May 6, 2014
    1 h 30 min
    On the eve of the Russian invasion in 1941, five German friends gather in Berlin before going separate ways: army lieutenant Wilhelm, his intellectual brother Friedhelm, nurse Charlotte, Jewish tailor Viktor, and his singer girlfriend Greta.
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  2. S1 E2 - A Different War
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    March 17, 2013
    1 h 28 min
    As the war progresses, the soldiers realize they are not fighting the war that they expected. Charlotte and Greta must live with the consequences of their choices, and Viktor and Wilhelm find themselves on the run.
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  3. S1 E3 - A Different Country
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    March 19, 2013
    1 h 34 min
    The German army begins to retreat from the Eastern Front, and all five friends must decide who to side with in order to survive and fulfill their pledge to reunite in Berlin.
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