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Tokyo Girl

Season 1

The story follows Aya (Asami Mizukawa) from the time she moves to Tokyo at age 23 up until she turns 40. Aya has to adjust to the different values and perceptions of the big city as she struggles with challenging situations. We get to follow Aya’s move from one neighborhood to another as she maneuvers her career and love life. © Watanabe Entertainment

Asami Mizukawa
International, Drama
中文(繁體), English, 한국어
Audio Languages
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Episodes (11)

  1. 1. Episode 1: Prologue "A Girl from Akita"

    32 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Aya dreams of living in Tokyo. As a high school student, she visits Harajuku. She realizes that in Tokyo, no one takes notice of her beauty. Years later, she finally moves to Tokyo to start her new life. Her first home is in Sangenjaya. People at her new job, a clothing company, spend time and money enjoying their private life. Aya thinks about what kind of woman she should be in such a workplace.

  2. 2. Episode 2: Sangen-Jaya "Dream Life in Tokyo - The Beginning of a Survival"

    20 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Aya meets Naoki, who has a sweet yet simple smile -- just like the Sangenjaya district. They gradually become attracted to each other. She is getting comfortable at her job. Her coworkers often go to dating parties, and Ryoko, an experienced dater, dislikes Yuki for dating as often as her. Keisuke and Aya witness their fierce battle, and Naoki is anxious about Yuki's promiscuity.

  3. 3. Episode 3: Ebisu "Friday 8 PM at Ebisu Station"

    20 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Aya has a successful career. Naoki is waiting for her at home. It seems that everything is working out, but she feels dissatisfied. She goes to a dating party and meets men who are full of confidence – like the Ebisu district. Aya falls in love with Takayuki, a handsome elite businessman. She chooses to shine as a Tokyo woman rather than be satisfied with happiness that she can earn back home.

  4. 4. Episode 4: Ebisu "Single Man"

    25 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Aya moves from Sangenjaya to Ebisu. She is happy with her work and social life. After going on a few dates with Takayuki, he tells her he doesn't believe in marriage. Aya is surprised, but she is enchanted by Takayuki and is convinced that this is what she wanted. On her 29th birthday, Takayuki does not show up to spend the day with her. Aya realizes that magic does not last forever.

  5. 5. Episode 5: Ginza "A Life Choice of a 30-year-old Woman"

    18 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Aya is almost 30. Her coworkers are starting to consider switching jobs for better careers. Aya no longer sees Takayuki, and her boss tells her that she has already peaked at her job. She decides to look for career advancement and has an interview with a high-end brand company. She leaves Ebisu for a new chapter in life.

  6. 6. Episode 6: Ginza "Cinderella Story"

    21 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    1 year has passed since Aya switched her job. Her boss, Anna, is very strict, but Aya is enjoying a fulfilling life. One day, she meets Yukikazu, the owner of a clothing store. Yukikazu is married, but Aya is attracted to his matureness, his elegant luxury and her dream of becoming an elegant lady. Which would give her more happiness, being an elegant lady or creating a loving family?

  7. 7. Episode 7: Toyosu "Et tu, Brute?"

    21 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Aya chooses to leave Yukikazu. She is now 33. Her friends are all mothers now, and she decides to register with a marriage agency. There, she meets her husband, Masato, who is a decent man. Aya moves from Ginza to Toyosu. She starts to think that there is no such thing as Prince Charming, and that compromise and self-persuasion are important qualities in the real world.

  8. 8. Episode 8 : Toyosu "Endangered Species That Won't Go Extinct"

    23 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Aya's career is going well, but her relationship with her husband is not. It's not easy to have both a successful career and a successful family. All kinds of people live in Toyosu - mothers who enjoy raising their children, wives who are happy to have a life without children, and women who just want to look happy. Aya starts to feel unconvinced about what kind of life she wants with Masato.

  9. 9. Episode 9: Yoyogi Uehara "Am I an Old Woman?"

    21 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Aya decides to separate with Masato. She moves to Yoyogi Uehara, a district with kindness and a certain sense of distance. She enjoys arranging flowers at Mia's flower shop. She meets a cute barista, Kohei. One day, Masato comes to see her and asks for a divorce. His shocking confession, a night together with Kohei, her friend's advice of remarriage... Aya's life is still full of events.

  10. 10. Episode 10: Yoyogi Uehara "So That's What it Means?"

    21 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Aya is seeing Kohei but she is not serious about their relationship yet. Kohei is younger and is not independent but he heals her emotional wounds. She gradually realizes that the lifestyle in Tokyo she has been trying hard to build is not what she wants. There are so many things that she cannot achieve in Tokyo no matter how hard she tries. Where does she truly belong?

  11. 11. Final Episode: "Can a Greedy Woman Complete the Game?"

    22 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Aya returns to her home in Akita. Her hometown hasn't changed. There is nothing she wants to acquire, but there is also nothing she can't acquire. What's so bad about being a fish in a little pond? After meeting various people in Tokyo, and the numerous districts that made her grow, where can Aya find happiness? The final episode of a never-ending drama of life.

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