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Grayson Perry: All Man

Season 1
As a dress-wearing, ‘lifelong sissy’ artist, Grayson Perry is no stranger to the question of what a real man is – he’s spent his whole life messing with machismo. Now, from mixed martial-arts fighters to police, criminals and stockbrokers, Perry explores our ultra-masculine worlds, intent on proving his belief that men are a stranger and more interesting bunch than they let on.
Grayson Perry
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  1. 1. Hard Man
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    May 3, 2016
    “It calms you down,” admits a cage fighter, explaining why he engages in the world’s most brutal sport. What does it say about masculinity that violence is a form of therapy? Moved by the tragic story of a young man lost to suicide, artist Grayson Perry seeks out the stories of a band of cage fighters – uncovering the insecurities and surprising motivations that attract them to this macho world.
  2. 2. Top Man
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    May 11, 2016
    More than 80% of crime in the UK is caused by men. It’s a problem that isn’t discussed in gender terms, but it should be. Artist Grayson Perry explores two sides of the story – meeting the police and the local criminals they pursue. Their motivations are different, but are the preoccupations of these men more similar than you might expect? And what light do they shine on modern masculinity?
  3. 3. Rational Man
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    May 18, 2016
    84% of senior city-bankers are men, with more people called John or David in our boardrooms than women. Artist and ‘leftie’ Grayson Perry embeds himself in this secretive tribe of men – the hedge-fund managers who hide within phallic skyscrapers that tower above our cities. Their suits look civilized, but does the primal aggression of this money and power-crazed world reveal a different story?

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