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Hawaii Five-O (Classic)

IMDb 7.31976NR
Dedicated detective Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) and his No. 1 lieutenant "Danno" Williams (James MacArthur) fight crime and bring down the bad guys on the mean streets of the Hawaiian Isles in the eighth season of this enduring classic crime drama.
Jack LordJames MacArthurZulu
English [CC]
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  1. 1. Murder: Eyes Only ( Part 1 + 2)
    September 12, 1975
    1h 39min
    Five-O Chief Steve McGarrett's annual change of pace -- his active duty cruise with the naval re-serve -- takes on a familiar feel when he draws orders to investigate the murder of a naval intelligence officer by letter bomb.
  2. 2. McGarrett is Missing
    September 19, 1975
    Five-O chief McGarrett finds himself with a serious leg wound, and at the mercy of an armed and dangerous escaped convict, Charlie Bombay. After collaring the escapee, McGarrett escorts him to the state prison aboard a police aircraft that crashes during a severe storm.
  3. 3. Termination With Extreme Prejudice
    September 26, 1975
    Steve McGarrett's Five-O unit searches for Lord Charles Danby, a missing English tourist who apparently has drowned in the Waikiki Beach surf, and unmasks a British intelligence agent also eager to find Danby.
  4. 4. Target? The Lady
    October 3, 1975
    After Curt Anderson, a man with gambling connections, is found murdered in his Honolulu apartment, Steve McGarrett and his Five-O team hunt for a female courier for a Las Vegas casino, and discover that a hit man is racing to beat them to her.
  5. 5. Death's Name is Sam
    October 10, 1975
    Someone, somewhere in Hawaii is plotting to shoot down an airplane, utilizing a Russian-made surface-to-air missile (a "SAM"). That much seems clear to Five-O chief Steve McGarrett. But who, where, and when and which plane?
  6. 6. The Case against McGarrett
    October 17, 1975
    McGarrett is tried for murder by a group of dangerous convicts led by his sworn enemy, Honore Vashon, after he turns himself over to them in return for their release of nine hostages.
  7. 7. The Defector
    October 24, 1975
    McGarrett locks horns with the overbearing and hardboiled Dr. Grant Ormsbee, a scientist who is conducting top-secret research for the U.S. Navy. At issue is Chiang Lee, a brilliant physicist, who has defected from an Asian nation to seek asylum in the U.S. and was forced to kill a man in self-defense upon arriving in Hawaii.
  8. 8. Sing a Song of Suspense
    October 31, 1975
    McGarrett and Five-O must protect singer Chelsea Merrimam (guest star Lois Nettleton) from assassination by Hawaii racketeering kingpin Koko Apaleka, on whom Chelsea can pin a murder rap with her eyewitness testimony. Apaleka is determined to eliminate Chelsea to save himself, while McGarrett is equally determined to save Chelsea and to nail Apaleka by doing so.
  9. 9. Retire in Sunny Hawaii Forever
    November 7, 1975
    Famed actress Helen Hayes guest stars in the role in Danny William's visiting Aunt Clara. Five-O becomes involved when a murder in Hawaii of an elderly gentleman, Clara Williams' seatmate on the plane, puts McGarrett on the trail of a small band of crooks who are stealing from abandoned bank accounts large quantities of money that rightfully belongs to the state of Hawaii.
  10. 10. How to steal a Submarine
    November 14, 1975
    Jack Cassidy guest stars as a narcotics smuggler and pusher who, unknown to Five-O Chief Steve McGarrett, is McGarrett's prime target in his investigation of a large-scale smuggling operation.
  11. 11. The Waterfront Steal
    November 21, 1975
    While Joao Mendoza, influential owner of warehouses in Honolulu, is creating a civic uproar by damning the police for their failure to halt a wave of warehouse burglaries, McGarrett and Five-O quietly joins in the search for the burglary gang.
  12. 12. Honor is an Unmarked Grave
    November 28, 1975
    A publicity-hungry crime writer with a reputation for sensationalism discovers the remains of a youth missing for seven years, and ballyhoos the mystery as the subject of his next book, while publicly branding Five-O as incompetent for never having solved the case.
  13. 13. A Touch of Guilt
    December 4, 1975
    Stabbed critically, a college football star is brought to a hospital by two other stars of the team, instigating a Five-O investigation involving the son of a well-known U.S. Senator and a cold-blooded cover-up of a gang rape.
  14. 14. Wooden Model of a Rat
    December 11, 1975
    While trying to smash a smuggling ring trafficking rare and valuable oriental art objects, Five-O boss McGarrett is suddenly mortified to find himself under public attack and indicted on a charge of possessing one of the contraband articles.
  15. 15. Deadly Persuasion
    December 18, 1975
    Five-O officer Danny Williams, a European royal family visiting Hawaii and potentially many other people are periled by a deranged youth who is using a stolen vial of super lethal nerve gas in an attempt to avenge his dead father.
  16. 16. Legacy of Terror
    January 1, 1976
    Steve McGarrett's Five-O force seeks the killer of an aged importer who was a Japanese spy in Hawaii before the Pearl Harbor attack. The importer was reputed to be the only person to know the hiding place of a fortune in gold, missing since World War II.
  17. 17. Loose Ends Get Hit
    January 8, 1976
    McGarrett watches with stunned realization as the state's rock-solid murder case against Islands racketeer Kum Chi suddenly vaporizes because McGarrett has been suckered by the prosecution's star witness.
  18. 18. Anatomy of a Bribe
    January 15, 1976
    Honolulu's soaring new Global Trade Center is devastated by a deadly fire, and investigation reveals that sub-standard building materials were responsible for the rapid spread of the flames. A crooked building contractor and a building inspector, both "on the take", become the targets for McGarrett and Five-O.
  19. 19. Turkey Shoot at Makapuu
    January 29, 1976
    Steve McGarrett and Five-O search for the killers of a girl and then of a hang-glider pilot. McGarrett is making painfully slow progress identifying and tracking down the killers until one of the victims' roommate, driven by grief and overwhelming guilt feelings, impulsively puts her own life on the line in an attempt to assist McGarrett.
  20. 20. A Killer Grown Wings
    February 5, 1976
    Three criminals threaten to destroy the entire Hawaiian cane sugar industry by using imported larvae of a strain of militant borer moth for which there is no known insecticide or natural enemy. Their plan: to devastate the land so that it becomes useless for planting, whereby one of the three can then snatch up the land at a fraction of its true value.
  21. 21. The Capsule Kidnapping
    February 12, 1976
    After a pretty but ruthless female Japanese terrorist, with the aid of two gullible American scientists, kidnaps the son of Japan's biggest industrialist and demands $1,500,000 in ransom, McGarrett and his Five-O crew search frantically for the boy.
  22. 22. Love Thy Neighbor-Take His Wife
    February 26, 1976
    As Steve McGarrett and Five-O search for the kidnapper of the wife of a wealthy land developer, McGarrett can't quite persuade himself that the obvious abductor -- militant ecologist Ben Tanaka, who was "caught in the act" on videotape by a hidden television camera -- is, in fact, the criminal.
  23. 23. A Sentence to Steal
    March 4, 1976
    Trying to identify and bag the burglars who have been heisting a fortune in gold stored at various dental-supply warehouses, McGarrett sends an undercover agent into a rehabilitation institution for delinquent youths in hopes of securing a lead.

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