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One Mississippi

IMDb 7,32016X-RayHDR18+
A dark comedy, loosely inspired by Tig Notaro's life, One Mississippi follows Tig as she navigates a complex re-entry into her childhood hometown in Mississippi, to deal with the unexpected death of her much loved mother.  Reeling from her own recently declining health, Tig struggles to find her footing with the loss of the one person who actually understood her.
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Tig NotaroNoah HarpsterJohn Rothman
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  1. 1. Pilot
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    8 september 2016
    Tig Notaro, an LA-based radio host, returns to her hometown of Bay St. Lucille, Mississippi, to be at the bedside of her ailing mother, Caroline. Suffering from her own recent health problems, Tig attempts to reconnect with her brother, Remy, and stepfather, Bill, both of whom lack the emotional tools to deal with family trauma.
  2. 2. Effects
    8 september 2016
    Struggling to accept her mother's death, Tig can't let go of Caroline's possessions.  Unable to leave home, Tig tries to maintain control of her radio show from Mississippi. Seeing that Tig is unable to accept the fragility of life, most pressingly her own, Bill pushes Tig to investigate a disturbing, yet oddly hilarious medical procedure. 
  3. 3. The Cat's Out
    8 september 2016
    Bill's cat escapes, and Bill blames Tig for letting her out. Tig's biological father, Mick, leads a search party. Assigned to survey the neighborhood, Tig unearths a secret from Caroline's past while Remy encounters a romantic prospect who may be out of his league. Having found a local station where she can record her show remotely, Tig connects with Kate,  the off-beat radio station manager.
  4. 4. Let the Good Times Roll
    8 september 2016
    Finally feeling physically well, Tig readies for her return to Los Angeles. But before she goes, she is roped into replacing her mother as Mardi Gras Queen at the Bay St. Lucille parade. Remy and Bill are stymied in their search for romance and cats, respectively. Tig searches for Kate at the parade, but instead encounters Jessie, a news reporter who makes her want to stay in town a bit longer.
  5. 5. How 'bout Now, How 'bout Right Now
    8 september 2016
    Tig and Jessie explore the limits of living in the moment. Attempting to connect, Bill attempts to organize a family dinner with Tig and Remy. Remy clumsily pursues a female member of his Civil War reenactment club. Tig and Bill finally have it out over painful events of the past.
  6. 6. New Contact
    8 september 2016
    Tig returns to Los Angeles and discovers that life has moved on without her. Encounters with friends, an ex-girlfriend, and coworkers all lead her to a crossroads, where a life-altering decision must be made.

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  1. Bonus: One Mississippi Season 1 - Official Trailer
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    6 augustus 2016
    Comedian Tig Notaro writes and stars in this semi-autobiographical dark comedy. One Mississippi follows Tig as she returns to her childhood home to deal with the unexpected death of her beloved mother. Struggling with her own health and relationship challenges, she decides to reconnect with her roots to heal and move forward.

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Nicole Holofcener
Dave BeckyDiablo CodyLouis C.K.M. Blair BreardTig NotaroTrish Hofmann
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