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Little Coincidences

MARTA and JAVI don´t know each other; and neither of them intends to complicate their life with anything, let alone anyone. They´ve never entertained the idea of being parents…until now. They both experience separately a strange phenomenon that will push them to look for each other unwittingly. To find each other (if they do) they´ll need a lot of LITTLE COINCIDENCES.
Marta HazasJavier VeigaMariano Peña
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  1. 1. Por los pelos
    December 7, 2018
    MARTA and JAVI, two successful professionals in their own careers, with enviable lives, have always disliked children. But now everything will change. A GIRL appears in JAVI´s dream as an unconscious projection of his wish to be a father. And MARTA has made the “rational” decision to be a mother. It´s too bad she just broke up with her boyfriend. Therefore, both end up on the same dating site…
  2. 2. Amores perrunos
    December 7, 2018
    JAVI and MARTA turn to the past to find a partner. JAVI meets up with his ex-girlfriends, thinking he might have passed up the mother of his daughter. MARTA contacts all her lost chances, those men with which she could´ve had something but couldn´t because she had a boyfriend. Neither JAVI nor MARTA will have any luck with their dates.
  3. 3. Amigos hasta la muerte
    December 7, 2018
    MARTA and JAVI decide to involve their respective friends in their maternity/paternity projects: one of the niches with best chances to find a partner is in “the friends of friends”. As such, while JAVI starts a relationship with one of DAVID´s friends, MARTA has no chances with GOYO, GIOVANNI´S friend. When NACHO, accepts a fourth date to see ELISA again, MARTA and JAVI meet at last.
  4. 4. Noche de San Juan
    December 7, 2018
    JAVI and MARTA meet up again at the course “Blind Cat”, which JAVI has organised, in order to meet women. MARTA goes, in order to meet men. Apparently, courses are a very good niche in the market to find a partner. Both try to make each other jealous until JAVI manages to convince MARTA to give him another chance.
  5. 5. Dejarse llevar
    December 7, 2018
    JAVI is letting himself go with ANDREA, one of the students at the course. However, when he meets MARTA during the summer in Madrid, he realises he has to leave ANDREA. Meanwhile MARTA doubts whether she should give MARIO a chance, since he´s working for it, or JAVI, whom she doesn´t trust much yet.
  6. 6. Dime que me quede
    December 7, 2018
    Neither JAVI nor MARTA are able to move on, after having been so closet o dating. But MARTA has worse issues. Her shop has financial issues and the only way to save it, the Madrid Fashion Week promotion, has vanished; they didn´t get selected. It is time for MARTA to accept a job offer far away from Spain. It´s too bad that she and JAVI meet up again and get along better than ever…
  7. 7. Asuntos pendientes
    December 7, 2018
    JAVI tries to get his life together despite, as the GIRL says, he´s depressed after missing out on his chance with MARTA. Therefore, he finally decides to make the critique that he had pending. At the restaurant, he meets up with MARTA and her boyfriend MARIO, who is none other than the chef. MARTA has risked it and asked MARIO if he wants to be a father. Unlike JAVI, he said yes.
  8. 8. El des-enlace
    December 7, 2018
    MARTA is finally going to take the step. She´s going to get married and the BOY should be applauding with his ears. However, it´s not like so…what´s wrong? Discovering that JAVI is her father´s donor and then realising he´s going to die, makes MARTA rethink her decision. Deep down, she knows she´s not in love with MARIO and JAVI was always the man she should have been with.

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