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Father lie

México, 1942. Mr. Lauro Márquez Castillo, owner of an emporium of the Mexican radio industry, on his deathbed, sends a call to his four "disappointing" sons to talk about his last wish: "They must demonstrate who is the real Márquez Castillo". The four brothers will dispute their father's inheritance in a competition that, in more than one way, will change their lives.
1 h 46 min2019
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Fernando RovzarMark Alazraki
Mark AlazrakiMariana AcevesGary AlazrakiMoises ChiverAlexis FridmanRuiz de Velasco GonzaloBilly RovzarMonica Vargas CelisLeonardo Zimbrón
Sofía SisniegaFrancisco AguirreMark Alazraki
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