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Brotherhood of Blood

IMDb 3.61 h 25 min200818+
Carrie Rieger tugs at her bonds. The young vampire huntress has to free herself. Guarded by vampires, chained in a dark cellar by the mighty vampire king Pashek, her time is running out. She knows that an even greater threat than the vampires is coming closer. Back from a faraway journey, a man slowly transforms into a vampire. And he transforms further, into something that even the vampires fear.
Michael RoeschPeter Scheerer
Victoria PrattJason ConneryKen Foree
English [CC]
Audio languages
EnglishEspañol (Argentina)Español (Chile)Español (Colombia)Español (España)Español (Latinoamérica)Español (México)
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Nicole AckermannMark Burman
Psycho Studios
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18+ Adults. Learn more
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Sid Haig