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Mine Block: Mods

201854 stagioni7+Sottotitoli

Minecraft Mods.

English [CC]
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Episodi (42)

  1. 1. Jeb's Secret Minecon

    Non disponibile6 minuti21 novembre 20177+Sottotitoli

    Jeb was asked many questions during the event not expecting them to surface on the internet... turns out the kid who came second in the cosplay contest shared all the info on reddit.

  2. 2. Custom Skins & Capes Removed

    Non disponibile6 minuti21 novembre 20177+Sottotitoli

    Today we have been given the update 1.2.5 which brings a lot of changes, bug fixes and tweaks. I wanted to go through all these changes with you so you're aware what's in this update.

  3. 3. New Blocks Added

    Non disponibile8 minuti22 novembre 20177+Sottotitoli

    Hello and welcome back to a Minecraft 1.13 snapshot review. Today we check out the latest snapshot in the community 17w47a, this comes with new blocks, items change and blocks renamed!

  4. 4. Update Aquatic 1.14

    Non disponibile5 minuti28 dicembre 20177+Sottotitoli

    Today we get Turtles as a late Christmas present!

  5. 5. Survival Island Behold the Skeleton Grinder

    Non disponibile22 minuti19 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    The time has come for us to finally have a successful Xp Farm in place!

  6. 6. We Have Billions of Dollars & Prestige!

    Non disponibile24 minuti13 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Hello everyone and welcome to the Prestige episode!!

  7. 7. Survival Island the Bridge to Success

    Non disponibile20 minuti12 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Hello and welcome to the Bridge To Success episode!

  8. 8. Bed Wars but With Cake!

    Non disponibile22 minuti11 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Hello and welcome back Minecraft fans to a New episode of the Mineplex Xbox Cake Wars series!! I enjoy this game-mode a lot as it's like bed wars but with cake!

  9. 9. Survival Island Double Blaze Spawner

    Non disponibile24 minuti8 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Welcome back #eckodiles! Today we are back on the Island Of Survival!

  10. 10. Glitched Infinite Mineshaft, Mansion & Lots of Ravines

    Non disponibile9 minuti7 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Hello everyone and welcome back to a Minecraft Seed Showcase. Today I share a seed with you that has a broken infinite! mineshaft!

  11. 11. Survival Island - The Best Mining Ever

    Non disponibile25 minuti15 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Today we are back on Mcp Survival Island! and It's time to go and do a little exploring!

  12. 12. Clip: We Found More Rare Items

    Non disponibile20 minuti6 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Hello and welcome everyone to a brand New Survival Craft 2 episode today we find more goodies!

  13. 13. We Are So Close to Prestige Rank!

    Non disponibile17 minuti6 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Welcome everyone to episode 4 of the LattyCraft Miner Series... Today we are edging closer to prestigeing!!

  14. 14. Survival Island - The Sea Adventure

    Non disponibile21 minuti5 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Hello and welcome to episode 8 of the Survival Island MCPE series. Today we are going to be exploring some of the nearby islands!

  15. 15. Ocean Monument & Kraken Boss

    Non disponibile16 minuti2 febbraio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Hello and welcome to my first Minecraft Q&A episode in 2018! today we focus on the new preview shown by Minecraft.

  16. 16. They Have A Pokemon Mine

    Non disponibile21 minuti20 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Welcome to episode 6 of the LattyCraft Miners series!

  17. 17. Clip: The Lucky Enchanter

    Non disponibile25 minuti22 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Today is episode 13 of the Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival Island series!

  18. 18. Clip: Survival Island Hunting!

    Non disponibile25 minuti26 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    It's time to head back into the nether, we are now going to be trying to get wither-skeleton skulls as we will need a good challenge in episodes to come!

  19. 19. Woodland Mansions, Mooshroom Islands, Igloos & Guardian Temples

    Non disponibile15 minuti28 gennaio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Hello and welcome to a Minecraft Seed showcase. This has a super cool spawn with a woodland mansion right in front of you!

  20. 20. The MCPE Update!

    Non disponibile4 minuti29 agosto 20177+Sottotitoli

    Hello and welcome to Minecraft Console Edition title update 57.

  21. 21. Clip: The Top 5 Features Needed in Minecraft 1.2

    Non disponibile10 minuti3 settembre 20177+Sottotitoli

    Today I share my opinions on the TOP 5 needed changes in Minecraft 1.2 from console edition, this video was recorded 2/3weeks ago so some of these features may have changed been added or removed so please remember.

  22. 22. Top 5 Worst Minecraft Pocket Edition Rip-offs

    Non disponibile20 minuti2 settembre 20177+Sottotitoli

    Hello and welcome to the 6th part of the top 5 worst MCPE rip-offs, this series has come a long way.

  23. 23. Portal Survival Island Seed At Spawn!

    Non disponibile7 minuti2 settembre 20177+Sottotitoli

    Today I think we have found the best survival island seed... thank you all in the community for making this series truly the best in the world!! I have never seen a survival island seed like this before!

  24. 24. Minecraft 3DS Edition Official Gameplay!

    Non disponibile2 minuti13 settembre 20177+Sottotitoli

    Releasing today on the Nintendo 3DS e-shop is Minecraft 3Ds Edition, it was only a matter of time that Minecraft would launch on the only missing Nintendo platform!

  25. 25. New Boss Coming

    Non disponibile6 minuti15 settembre 20177+Sottotitoli

    Hello and welcome everyone to some very exciting news, today we have been told that the Minecraft community will decide what gets added into the game!

  26. 26. Clip: Build MCPE Houses In Seconds

    Non disponibile8 minuti30 maggio 20187+Sottotitoli

    Today I'm going to be showing you how to build houses, castles, pixel art and more in 30 seconds!

  27. 27. Clip: New Mechanics & Graphic Settings

    Non disponibile5 minuti30 maggio 20187+Sottotitoli

    It's been confirmed that the Aquatic Update has been delayed, Mojang knows what update 1.15 + 1.16 will be and a new combat system is being worked on!

  28. 28. Clip: Official Mod Packs For MCPE

    Non disponibile8 minuti4 giugno 20187+Sottotitoli

    We have the information from the creator summit 218 that a Modding API is in the works for the bedrock version, this will change modding for this version forever!

  29. 29. Clip: New Science Update With Glow Sticks

    Non disponibile9 minuti16 aprile 20187+Sottotitoli

    In the latest Minecraft Pocket Edition beta we have been given a science update! This new update lets us mess around with elements, compounds and so much more!

  30. 30. Clip: New Science Update With Hardened Glass Blocks

    Non disponibile9 minuti17 aprile 20187+Sottotitoli

    In the latest Minecraft Pocket Edition beta we have been given a science update! Today I'm going to be teaching you how to make new potions and even hardened glass!

  31. 31. Clip: New Slabs & Stairs Blocks Will Be Added

    Non disponibile3 minuti18 aprile 20187+Sottotitoli

    Today we are talking about the update after Aquatic... What already? Exactly, but the developers are already sharing some news and information!

  32. 32. Clip: MCPE 1.3 Not Happening

    Non disponibile5 minuti20 aprile 20187+Sottotitoli

    Today we focus on the version 1.2.16, MCPE 1.3 cancelled and Cubecraft some how has a beta!

  33. 33. Clip: Aquatic Looks!

    Non disponibile8 minuti28 marzo 20187+Sottotitoli

    Today we check out an awesome Addon that gives us 5 different Tridents!

  34. 34. Clip: Aquatic Update Becomes The New Pokemon!

    Non disponibile7 minuti29 marzo 20187+Sottotitoli

    Welcome back everyone to Minecraft Aquatic Update. I've been messing around with the update alot lately and wanted to share with you my opinions on the new fish!

  35. 35. Clip: 1.13 Snapshot With New Potions, Items & More

    Non disponibile9 minuti4 aprile 20187+Sottotitoli

    Today we have snapshotr 18w14a which brings new enchantment animations, new potions, new items and more!

  36. 36. Clip: New Developer Commands Added Can Stop Hackers

    Non disponibile11 minuti5 aprile 20187+Sottotitoli

    In the latest update iOS users somehow have access to developer commands in 1.2.13!

  37. 37. Clip: New 1.3 Heart Of The Sea

    Non disponibile2 minuti10 aprile 20187+Sottotitoli

    Today I bring you info on the heart of the sea along side the new fished item!

  38. 38. Clip: New Dolphins Mob

    Non disponibile6 minuti11 aprile 20187+Sottotitoli

    Today I want to teach you everything you need to know about the Minecraft Dolphin Mob!

  39. 39. Clip: Aquatic Update Coming To Console Edition

    Non disponibile7 minuti13 aprile 20187+Sottotitoli

    Today I want to share the latest information in the community.. It looks like 4j studios are currently working on the Aquatic Update for console edition!

  40. 40. Clip: 1.3 Beta New Gameplay & Screenshots

    Non disponibile5 minuti10 marzo 20187+Sottotitoli

    Today I wanted to share with you all information and screenshots we have been given for the Aquatic Update for Bedrock. The beta is coming soon!

  41. 41. Clip: New PE 1.2.11 PVP Changes

    Non disponibile7 minuti9 marzo 20187+Sottotitoli

    Bedrock update. 1.2.11 has released and finally!

  42. 42. Clip: New Water Mechanics

    Non disponibile10 minuti9 marzo 20187+Sottotitoli

    This is snapshot 18w10c and well this brings the new Water mechanics to more blocks such as stairs, fences, chests and more!

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