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Two and a Half Men

7.1201412 Seasons16+Subtitles and Closed CaptionsX-Ray

The Emmy-winning laughfest continues as television's leading comedy. With Jake (Angus T. Jones) now entering junior high school, his dad, Alan (Jon Cryer), reliving his high school dating history and Charlie (Charlie Sheen) finally maturing a little himself, will there be room for three men in Charlie's Malibu beach pad? You won't want to miss a single episode from this hilarious season!

Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones
English [CC], हिन्दी, தமிழ், తెలుగు
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Episodes (19)

  1. 1. Large Birds, Spiders and Mom

    Not available20 minutesSeptember 25, 201316+Subtitles

    In the fifth season premiere, Charlie and Alan try to prepare Jake for his first day of junior high school -- but they might end up traumatizing him instead.

  2. 2. Media Room Slash Dungeon

    Not available22 minutesOctober 2, 201316+Subtitles

    Charlie reacts oddly after an evening with his mother. And Alan's date, Sharon (JANEANE GAROFALO - "The Larry Sanders Show," "The West Wing"), reacts oddly after having sex with Alan.

  3. 3. Dum Diddy Dum Diddy Doo

    Not available21 minutesOctober 9, 201316+Subtitles

    Tired of dating vapid young women, Charlie allows Alan to introduce him to a sophisticated, intelligent municipal court judge, Linda.

  4. 4. City of Great Racks

    Not available22 minutesOctober 16, 201316+Subtitles

    In the landmark 100th episode, Charlie gets closer to consummating his relationship with Linda, but he keeps seeing Rose's face everywhere he turns. Recurring guest star JANE LYNCH appears as Dr. Freeman.

  5. 5. Putting Swim Fins on a Cat

    Not available22 minutesOctober 23, 201316+Subtitles

    Charlie has to find creative ways to entertain the 4-year-old son of his girlfriend, Linda (recurring guest star MING WEN). Meanwhile, Alan becomes a human "guinea pig."

  6. 6. Help Daddy Find His Toenail

    Not available21 minutesNovember 6, 201316+Subtitles

    Charlie's girlfriend, Linda (recurring guest star MING WEN), is embarrassed to be seen in public with him. Meanwhile, despite Alan forbidding it, Jake sneaks out to a concert.

  7. 7. Our Leather Gear is in the Guest Room

    Not available20 minutesNovember 13, 201316+Subtitles

    Charlie and Alan argue over Alan's place in the house, prompting Alan and Jake to move in with Evelyn. Recurring guest star ROBERT WAGNER appears as Teddy, Evelyn's boyfriend.

  8. 8. Is There a Mrs. Waffles?

    Not available20 minutesNovember 20, 201316+Subtitles

    Charlie finds success as a children's singing star, making Alan miserable. Guest star RICHARD KIND ("Spin City") appears as Artie, an executive at Charlie's record label.

  9. 9. Tight's Good

    Not available21 minutesDecember 4, 201316+Subtitles

    After Evelyn and Teddy become engaged, Charlie struggles to fight his attraction to Teddy's daughter, Courtney, Charlie's soon-to-be stepsister.

  10. 10. Kinda Like Necrophilia

    Not available22 minutesDecember 11, 201316+Subtitles

    While trying to help Jake get over a breakup, Alan discovers that it was Charlie who stole his high school girlfriend. Alan seeks revenge on Charlie by following the same advice Charlie dispenses to Jake.

  11. 11. Meander to Your Dander

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 1, 201416+Subtitles

    Seeing Alan not fully passionate about his relationship, Charlie coaches Alan in the fine art of breaking up with a woman.

  12. 12. A Little Clammy and None Too Fresh

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 8, 201416+Subtitles

    Rose (recurring guest star MELANIE LYNSKEY), Charlie's lovable stalker, is back from England and takes strange care of a very sick Charlie.

  13. 13. The Soil is Moist

    Not available20 minutesJanuary 29, 201416+Subtitles

    Alan dates one of his ex-wife's friends who reveals a secret about Judith's sex life. Recurring guest star RYAN STILES appears as Judith's second husband.

  14. 14. Winky-Dink Time

    Not available22 minutesFebruary 5, 201416+Subtitles

    Charlie goes with Jake on a double date and sets Alan up with a prostitute. Recurring guest star MELANIE LYNSKEY appears as Rose.

  15. 15. Rough Night in Hump Junction

    Not available21 minutesFebruary 26, 201416+Subtitles

    Alan worries that Charlie's womanizing is out of control. JANE LYNCH returns as Charlie's therapist, and EMMANUELLE VAUGIER returns as Charlie's former fiancee, Mia.

  16. 16. Look at Me, Mommy, I'm Pretty

    Not available22 minutesMarch 5, 201416+Subtitles

    Alan plans Evelyn's wedding to Teddy (ROBERT WAGNER), while Charlie pursues his future stepsister and Teddy's devious daughter, Courtney (JENNY McCARTHY).

  17. 17. Fish in a Drawer

    Not available21 minutesMarch 12, 201416+Subtitles

    A CSI team investigates a mysterious death at Charlie's house. George Eads ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation") makes a cameo appearance.

  18. 18. If My Hole Could Talk

    Not available21 minutesApril 2, 201416+Subtitles

    Charlie finds himself attracted to Angie (recurring guest star SUSAN BLAKELY), an older woman who writes self-help books. Meanwhile, Alan and Jake battle over a school assignment.

  19. 19. Waiting for the Right Snapper

    Not available22 minutesApril 9, 201416+Subtitles

    Charlie tries to resist temptation when he meets the grown daughter of the woman he's dating (SUSAN BLAKELY) and realizes they've met before. JANE LYNCH guest stars as Dr. Freeman.

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