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The Queen Mother

Season 1
Wife, monarch and much-loved public figure: Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was one of the most respected members of the British Royal family. But did her friendly image disguise something darker? This moving profile reveals the dramatic inside story of her life. The moments of pain and upheaval that defined her legacy. How did this woman, who didn’t aspire to be Queen, fulfill her destiny?
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  1. S1 E1 - The Reluctant Queen
    March 8, 2019
    The early years of The Queen Mother’s life are revealed in forensic detail, as she is suddenly thrust onto the throne, somewhat reluctantly, after the scandalous abdication of her brother-in-law Edward VIII. Almost immediately, the country was thrown into turmoil as Hitler’s rise threatens the stability of Europe and she and King George VI steer the country through the darkness of World War II.
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  2. S1 E2 - The Lost Year
    March 15, 2019
    A fascinating insight into the contrasting personality of The Queen Mother. On one hand the smiley grandmother of the nation, on the other a traditionalist willing to disrupt the lives of her children, if she felt their behavior was unseemly. After the tragic death of her husband, she emerged stronger and more determined to create her own legacy and influence the future of the royal family.
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