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From creator/writer Tim Kring comes the third season of the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities. Last season’s mysteries - like the identity of Nathan Petrelli’s shooter - are finally revealed.

Jack Coleman, Ali Larter, Masi Oka
Science Fiction, Drama
العربية, Dansk, English [CC], Suomi, 한국어, Norsk Bokmål, Nederlands, Polski, Русский, Svenska, Türkçe, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體)
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Español (España), Español (Latinoamérica), Français, Italiano, Português, 日本語
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Episodes (25)

  1. 1. The Second Coming

    Not available43 minutesSeptember 21, 200816+Subtitles

    "Volume 3: Villains" makes a two-hour special debut with revelations that will redefine familiar characters and shake the series to its core.

  2. 2. The Butterfly Effect

    Not available43 minutesSeptember 21, 200816+Subtitles

    A dozen villains with unimaginable power are unleashed after the Company is attacked -- Sylar vs. Elle (Kristen Bell) -- Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose) takes control and reveals a jaw-dropping secret.

  3. 3. One of Us, One of Them

    Not available43 minutesSeptember 28, 200816+Subtitles

    When four villains lay siege to a bank, Angela (Cristine Rose) sends H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) and her dangerous, new walking weapon in after them.

  4. 4. I Am Become Death

    Not available43 minutesOctober 5, 200816+Subtitles

    Tasked to save a world destined for destruction, Peter must embrace a wild, dangerous ability to better prepare for the struggle ahead -- guest stars Malcolm McDowell (Linderman), David Anders (Adam Monroe) and Adair Tishler (Molly) return.

  5. 5. Angels and Monsters

    Not available43 minutesOctober 12, 200816+Subtitles

    Several heroes stand at major crossroads, facing personal decisions that could redefine who's "good" or "evil" -- Claire attempts to take down her first new villain -- Malcolm McDowell (Linderman), David Anders (Adam Monroe) and Jessalyn Gilsig (Meredith) guest star.

  6. 6. Dying of the Light

    Not available43 minutesOctober 19, 200816+Subtitles

    As Hiro (Masi Oka) and others seize upon offers to join rival company Pinehurst Industries, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) is forever changed by a meeting with its shocking founder -- Claire (Hayden Panettiere) and her mom Sandra (Guest Star Ashley Crow) team up to save Meredith (Jessalyn Gilsig) from Doyle's (David H. Lawrence XVII) twisted grip.

  7. 7. Eris Quod Sum

    Not available41 minutesOctober 26, 200816+Subtitles

    Trapped, terrified and cornered, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) and Tracy (Ali Larter), Matt (Greg Grunberg) and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) struggle for their lives against familiar faces. Elle (Guest Star Kristen Bell) makes a shocking return.

  8. 8. Villains

    Not available42 minutesNovember 9, 200816+Subtitles

    To prepare for the confrontation ahead, Hiro (Masi Oka) explores what forces -- and familiar faces -- helped twist Sylar (Zachary Quinto), Flint (Blake Shields), and Arthur Petrelli (Robert Forster) into villains.

  9. 9. It's Coming

    Not available42 minutesNovember 16, 200816+Subtitles

    Heroes fall as Arthur Petrelli (Guest Star Robert Forster) declares war on wife Angela (Cristine Rose), son Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and all that stand with them -- Kristen Bell, Brea Grant, Jamie Hector, Blake Shields and Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine Guest Star.

  10. 10. The Eclipse - Part I

    Not available41 minutesNovember 23, 200816+Subtitles

    A powerful eclipse casts a shadow over all of the Heroes that impacts their abilities - Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Kristen Bell, Brea Grant, Jamie Hector and Blake Shields guest star.

  11. 11. The Eclipse - Part 2

    Not available42 minutesNovember 30, 200816+Subtitles

    The Heroes continue to discover their true abilities under the influence of the eclipse - George Takei, Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Kristen Bell, Brea Grant, Jamie Hector and Blake Shields Guest Star.

  12. 12. Our Father

    Not available43 minutesDecember 7, 200816+Subtitles

    Heroes band together in an attempt to put a stop to Arthur Petrelli - George Takei, Kristen Bell, Brea Grant, Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Jamie Hector and Blake Shields Guest Star.

  13. 13. Dual

    Not available43 minutesDecember 14, 200816+Subtitles

    The Heroes find themselves teaming up against one another and the good, or bad, in all of them comes to the surface - Robert Forster, George Takei, Brea Grant, Jessalyn Gilsig, Jamie Hector and Blake Shields Guest Star.

  14. 14. A Clear and Present Danger

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 1, 200916+Subtitles

    They're coming to get you! Emmy Award-Winner Zeljko Ivanek Guest Stars as "The Hunter" as "Heroes" third season continues with "Volume 4: Fugitives".

  15. 15. Trust and Blood

    Not available41 minutesFebruary 8, 200916+Subtitles

    Lines are drawn and the hunt is on as our Heroes begin their lives on the run - Emmy Award-winner Zeljko Ivanek, Brea Grant and Dan Byrd Guest Star.

  16. 16. Building 26

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 15, 200916+Subtitles

    The best laid plans of Nathan Petrelli often go awry - Emmy Award-Winner Zeljko Ivanek, Moira Kelly, Justin Baldoni and Dan Byrd Guest Star.

  17. 17. Cold Wars

    Not available42 minutesFebruary 22, 200916+Subtitles

    Head games ensue as Matt extracts the truth from HRG -- Emmy Award Winner Zeljko Ivanek and Brea Grant Guest Star.

  18. 18. Exposed

    Not available43 minutesMarch 1, 200916+Subtitles

    The hunt continues as Matt and Peter get closer to exposing the truth -- Emmy Award-Winner Zeljko Ivanek, Justin Baldoni and Dan Byrd Guest Star

  19. 19. Shades of Gray

    Not available43 minutesMarch 8, 200916+Subtitles

    Sylar goes back to his roots - John Glover Guest Stars as Sylar's biological father.

  20. 20. Cold Snap

    Not available43 minutesMarch 22, 200916+Subtitles

    The identity of "Rebel" is revealed with chilling consequences - Emmy Award-Winner Zeljko Ivanek, Brea Grant and Swoosie Kurtz Guest Star.

  21. 21. Into Asylum

    Not available43 minutesMarch 29, 200916+Subtitles

    As the game of cat and mouse escalates, Danko finds himself a surprising new ally - Emmy Award-Winner Zeljko Ivanek Guest Stars.

  22. 22. Turn and Face the Strange

    Not available43 minutesApril 5, 200916+Subtitles

    Relationships are tested as Danko takes the operation to a whole new level - Emmy Award-Winner Zeljko Ivanek Guest Stars.

  23. 23. 1961

    Not available43 minutesApril 12, 200916+Subtitles

    The haunting secrets of Angela Petrelli's past can't stay buried forever.

  24. 24. I Am Sylar

    Not available43 minutesApril 19, 200916+Subtitles

    Sylar (Zachary Quinto) continues his unusual partnership and begins to have an unexpected identity crisis. Hiro (Masi Oka) and Ando (James Kyson Lee) take measures toward bringing down Building 26. Meanwhile, Matt's (Greg Grunberg) new found fatherhood changes his priorities. Elsewhere, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) sets a plan in motion to right the wrongs of his government operation.

  25. 25. An Invisible Thread

    Not available43 minutesApril 26, 200916+Subtitles

    As "Volume 4: Fugitives" comes to a close, the fight to stop Sylar has consequences that will change everything - Emmy Award-Winner Zeljko Ivanek and Michael Dorn Guest Star

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