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Bikini Destinations

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Established as one of the world's most popular shows featuring beautiful women, top bikini models travel to spectacular distant locales for dramatic photo shoots. High definition cameras are rolling on every detail as the girls do what they do best: look stunning on camera and enjoy the sweet nectar of life.

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  1. 1. Buenos Aires

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    In this "Paris of South America," hostess Lisa Gleave introduces us to some of the most beautiful locations and models in the world. The women discover the European sensibilities and Latin American passion of the gateway to Argentina. At the Estancia el Rocio, the girls find an elegant country getaway complete with the finest modern amenities, where they take a relaxing afternoon horse ride

  2. 2. Uruguay

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    A jeep ride takes the girls through the local countryside, where they enjoy the rush of the wind in their hair and extraordinary views. A decadent meal by a famous chef provides them with respite form their busy schedules. The exclusive resort of Casasuaya provides elegant and luxurious accommodations for the weary models.

  3. 3. Montenegro

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    Montenegro is the hidden gem of the Mediterranean. Unique in both geographic and cultural diversity this quaint little country offers a combination of natural beauty with the treasures of a rich cultural history. Come along with our bikini models as they explore Montenegro from the untamed mountain ranges to the pristine blue waters that surround Budva.

  4. 4. Croatia

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    Croatia has been described by poets, playwrights, and painters as 'Heaven on Earth'. The Roman influenced Dubrovnick is a mecca of Croatian culture. Come along as we explore this glorious city, meet the gracious people and enjoy the Adriatic lifestyle. This destination is timeless.

  5. 5. British Virgin Islands

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    The British Virgin Islands are rich with pirate lore and natural beauty. These 50 Caribbean islands offer wayward travelers miles of unspoiled beaches... Come along as our Bikini Destinations models explore some of the many uninhabited islands of this tropical paradise.

  6. 6. Florianopolis

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    Brazil is world famous for picturesque sun-drenched beaches and the frenetic celebration of Carnival. Join us as Bikini Destinations travels from Rio de Janeiro to the beaches of Florianopolis as we experience all the excitement that Brazil has to offer. World famous for its beautiful coastline and as an eternal surf-world favorite, each beach has its own personality.

  7. 7. Santa Catarina

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    Take a trip south of the equator to the bustling port city of Buenos Aires. The brisk winds that sweep across the vast pampas are the cities namesake and also nature's way to bring a breath of fresh air into this vibrant city. Come along with our bikini models as they experience the exotic blend of Latin passion and old-World European elegance as they fuse together in the dance known as the Tango

  8. 8. Sea of Cortez

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    Our Alluring models arrive in Cabo and board an exclusive private yacht for a journey through the Sea of Cortez or 'Gulf of California'. Known as the Galapagos of North America" the Sea of Cortez has been described by biologists as the "world's aquarium." Come along as Exotic ingénues enjoy the abundance of sea life and legendary Mexican nightlife.

  9. 9. Adriatic Sea

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    Take a trip to the former Yugoslavia as we travel to the Adriatic coast and the magnificent country of black mountains. The landscape along the Adriatic is geographically unique, nowhere else in the world can you find such natural wealth, beauty and diversity in such small countries. Join our bikini models as they shoot the mountain rapids of the Tara Gorge and play along the Adriatic Sea.

  10. 10. Kona

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    Our models travel to Kona on Hawaii's Big Island. The fresh, floral air is energizing, the warm, tranquil waters refreshing, the breathtaking, natural beauty is something to behold. The Big Island is an unrivaled expression of the power of nature. This Pacific paradise is home to the world's most active volcano, Kilauea and the tallest sea mountain in the world, Maunakea

  11. 11. Painted Desert

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    In stark contrast to the Lake Powell's exceptional red-rock scenery, our hard-bodied models majestically rise from the water in vibrantly painted swimsuits. The soft lines of their painted skin is a colorful contrast to the etched stone canyons and indigenous rock formations. Come with us as our hand painted models experience this mystical place of bare natural beauty and outdoor adventure.

  12. 12. Park City Utah

    Not available24 minutter1. januar 201513+Undertekster

    Welcome to Park City, Utah for a unique episode of Bikini Destination. Leave the tropical sandy beaches behind and experience the snowy slopes of this mountain alpine paradise. The models explore this cozy ski town escape, as they see the magic of the Sundance Film Festival, and check out the night life.

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