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LOL: Last One Laughing

IMDb 3.52018X-Ray16+
Eugenio Derbez pits ten of the best comedians in Mexico against each other in this celebrity showdown. As the clock counts down in this six-hour competition, their objective is to eliminate others from the house by making each other laugh. The last comedian who stays in the house, without laughing, wins the grand prize of one million pesos.
Alex FernándezLiliana Arriaga "La Chupitos"Carlos Ballarta
Arts, Entertainment, and CultureInternationalUnscripted
EnglishEspañol [CC]日本語Português
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  1. 1. The First Ten
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    December 13, 2018
    Eugenio Derbez surprises the comedians with invitations to the competition. They are confused, excited, and nervous. Will each of them accept, or be too scared to participate, not knowing who their competitors will be? Our comedians enter the house one by one, and the first ever competition of LOL begins.
  2. 2. The Puppet Master
    December 13, 2018
    After Eugenio hands out another yellow card to one of the comedians, El Escorpión Dorado reveals a new look. Others begin to bring out their props and costumes to raise the stakes within the house as Eugenio distributes more yellow cards amongst the comedians. A new toy is introduced, Finally, a comedian is eliminated after a red card is handed out.
  3. 3. A Shocking Surprise
    December 20, 2018
    Everybody becomes nervous after the first red card. With nine comedians left in the house, Alex attempts to “spice” things up. An electrifying surprise gets delivered - will the comedians be up for this shocking challenge? An explosive ending to a story shakes up the house, but will it be enough to cause more comedians to be eliminated?
  4. 4. Another type of Christmas Story
    December 20, 2018
    With less than three hours left in the competition, some of the comedians get into the Christmas spirit, and decide to act out a very “special” pastoral, but it’s far from what is typically taught in Sunday school. Some of the comedians have too much fun during a party game and accidentally lose focus, resulting in Eugenio stepping in to eliminate them from the house.
  5. 5. Drown me with Jack
    December 27, 2018
    The competition is becoming more tough, as the remaining comedians try push each other’s boundaries with new tactics to make the others laugh. With less than two hours left, a special guest finally reveals herself from the locker room. Eugenio eliminates another comedian from the house.
  6. 6. It Tastes like Chocolate
    December 27, 2018
    Less than one hour is left, and those in the house are under so much pressure, that they begin to lose their minds. One of them reveals a delicious dessert that comes with a tasty surprise, as others pull out all of the stops to eliminate their remaining competitors, resulting in a head to head showdown with the final two. When the clock ticks down to zero, who will walk away a millionaire?

Bonus (1)

  1. Bonus: Season 1 Official Trailer
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    November 28, 2018
    [New episode every Friday]. 10 comedians, 6 hours, 1 battle... the prize? 1 million pesos. The host? Eugenio Derbez

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Ricardo Morfín
Juan MaldonadoHiroshi OsakiJosé LascurainEugenio DerbezBen OdellAkiohiko Okamoto
Amazon Studios
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