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Comic Book Men

20147 sæsoner16+Undertekster

Comic Book Men returns for a third season. Kevin Smith and the Secret Stash Staff are back - Ruder, Geekier, Epic-er.

Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson
Særlig interesse, Komedie
English [CC]
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Episoder (16)

  1. 1. Comic Book Men 301: The Incredible Bulk

    21 minutter12. oktober 201316+Undertekster

    Lou Ferrigno visits the Stash to give Bryan a lesson in fitness. A customer wants to buy a key comic by legendary artist and writer, Frank Miller.

  2. 2. Comic Book Men 302: To The Bat Cave

    21 minutter19. oktober 201316+Undertekster

    Walt and the guys get invited to an actual bat cave. A customer wants to sell his collection of original Star Wars action figures.

  3. 3. Comic Book Men 303: Super Friends

    21 minutter26. oktober 201316+Undertekster

    The guys ask artist George Perez to help rebuild Mike's destroyed collection. A customer sells his set of vintage interactive comic books.

  4. 4. Comic Book Men 304: USS Ming

    21 minutter2. november 201316+Undertekster

    Ming's interest is piqued when he has a chance to buy an oversized toy from the '80s. A customer needs help taking his wife out on the perfect date.

  5. 5. Comic Book Men 305: Pity the Fools

    21 minutter9. november 201316+Undertekster

    A superfan sells his Mr. T backyard water game and inspires Ming to have some cool fun on a hot day. Walt puts the shop's street cred on the line

  6. 6. Comic Book Men 306: Walt's Big Gamble

    21 minutter16. november 201316+Undertekster

    The boys at the Stash try to strike it big bidding on derelict storage units. Walt geeks out with a fellow Elfquest fanatic.

  7. 7. Comic Book Men 307: Dukes of Jersey

    21 minutter23. november 201316+Undertekster

    A Dukes of Hazzard fan stops by the shop in his General Lee to show off his collection of show memorabilia. Walt encounters his first 'brony.'

  8. 8. Comic Book Men 308: Cryptozoic Launch

    21 minutter30. november 201316+Undertekster

    The guys head to the Baltimore Comic Con to launch their comic book, Cryptozoic Man. Meanwhile, Sunday Jeff works on a Saturday to fill in for Walt.

  9. 9. Comic Book Men 309: Superman's 75th

    21 minutter8. februar 201416+Undertekster

    A customer buys a gift for his dad's 75th birthday, which reminds Walt that Superman is also 75. The Stash throws a party, inviting a special guest.

  10. 10. Comic Book Men 310: Uhura's Uhura

    21 minutter15. februar 201416+Undertekster

    Nichelle Nichols pays the Stash a visit, looking for an Uhura Mego doll from the '70s. An X-Men fan buys the first appearance of the Phoenix.

  11. 11. Comic Book Men 311: Pinheads

    21 minutter22. februar 201416+Undertekster

    Walt's recent purchase of a Batman bowling ball inspires him to make a bowling team. An ill-conceived action figure makes its way to the Stash.

  12. 12. Comic Book Men 312: Trivia Chew-Off

    21 minutter1. marts 201416+Undertekster

    A bored Walt decides to quiz the guys on comic book trivia, where a wrong answer lands them a gumball. A customer sells his Hellboy prop replica.

  13. 13. Comic Book Men 313: The Esposito Collection

    21 minutter8. marts 201416+Undertekster

    The Stash helps auction off the work of legendary comic book inker, Mike Esposito. Walt buys the epitome of cool in the form of a paper doll.

  14. 14. Comic Book Men 314: Batcycle on Broad

    21 minutter15. marts 201416+Undertekster

    The guys have a chance to purchase a replica of the '66 Batcycle. A customer sells his collection of Marvel fan magazines from the '70s.

  15. 15. Comic Book Men 315: Certified Guaranty

    21 minutter22. marts 201416+Undertekster

    A college hopeful goes to the Stash to appraise his collection and learns the value of comic book grading. Walt buys Wayne Gretzky memorabilia.

  16. 16. Comic Book Men 316: Knights of the Stash

    21 minutter29. marts 201416+Undertekster

    Jason Mewes invites the guys to a Renaissance fair for medieval revelry. A customer brings in one of the most valuable items the Stash has ever seen.

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Jeremy Schneider
AMC Studios
Amazon Maturity Rating
16+ Young Adults. Learn more
Supporting actors
Ming Chen, Mike Zapcic, Lou Ferrigno, Rob Bruce, George Perez, Jeff Silverman, Jason Mewes