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8.520116 Seasons13+Subtitles and Closed CaptionsX-Ray

When his college degree is challenged as a fake, lawyer and schemer Jeff Winger is forced to return to school.

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Episodes (24)

  1. 1. Anthropology 101

    Not available21 minutesSeptember 22, 201013+Subtitles

    As Dean Pelton welcomes everyone back for another year at Greendale Community College, the school is still buzzing over how Jeff dumped Britta right after she said she loved him. Though certain that the incident only reinforced her reputation for being crazy, Britta – and Jeff – are stunned to find that it has made her a hero to nearly every woman on campus. With Greendale in the grips of...

  2. 2. Accounting for Lawyers

    Not available21 minutesSeptember 29, 201013+Subtitles

    As Dean Pelton drums up interest in a dance contest meant to update the school's stale Oktoberfest celebration, Jeff is surprised to see his old friend and law firm sidekick, Alan Connor, on campus. After admitting that he is at Greendale for a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Alan looks to rekindle his friendship with Jeff, who was forced to leave the law firm after his lack of a college degree...

  3. 3. The Psychology of Letting Go

    Not available21 minutesOctober 6, 201013+Subtitles

    Arriving on campus to find Britta and Annie busy with a Gulf oil spill fund-raising drive, a horrified Troy announces that he stumbled upon the dead body of Pierce's mom in their garage. Though his friends are quick to express their sympathy, Pierce claims that, according to his Buddhist faith, his mom is simply being vaporized in advance of her eventual reincarnation. When the study group...

  4. 4. Basic Rocket Science

    Not available21 minutesOctober 13, 201013+Subtitles

    Upon learning that City College is planning to unveil the Cosmic Pioneer, an orbital launch simulator that will prepare their students for an associate degree in aeronautics, Dean Pelton puts his own plan into motion to make sure Greendale doesn't fall behind. Recalling that 30 years ago the county museum teamed up with Kentucky Fried Chicken to create a space mission simulator, Pelton hatches...

  5. 5. Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples

    Not available21 minutesOctober 20, 201013+Subtitles

    Horrified by the YouTube videos that Professor Duncan has been showing in anthropology class, Shirley decides to fight back by making a viral video with a decidedly Christian message. But after Shirley enlists him for his filmmaking skills, Abed decides to make his own "post post-modern" religious epic, featuring him as both its director and star. And when Shirley pushes back at his...

  6. 6. Epidemiology

    Not available21 minutesOctober 27, 201013+Subtitles

    Between dressing up as Lady Gaga, saving money on catering by using surplus military rations, and crafting a playlist that relies heavily on the Ghostbusters soundtrack, Dean Pelton is certain that he's put together Greendale's best Halloween costume party ever. Yet things begin to unravel when Pierce falls ill after feasting on the party's tacos. Though Rich, a part-time pottery student and...

  7. 7. Aerodynamics of Gender

    Not available21 minutesNovember 3, 201013+Subtitles

    When the girls arrange to take a women's studies class together, the last thing they want is for Abed to enroll, too. When he does, their first instinct is to do whatever it takes to make sure they don't have to sit with him in class. However, after he proves exceptionally adept at putting down the class's trio of mean girl queen bees – Meghan, Jen and Tracy – they see that having Abed as a...

  8. 8. Cooperative Calligraphy

    Not available21 minutesNovember 10, 201013+Subtitles

    Annie's missing pen leads to friction within the group.

  9. 9. Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

    Not available21 minutesNovember 17, 201013+Subtitles

    Jeff's efforts to gain credit for a fictitious class expose a series of complicated ruses that rock the Greendale campus; Abed and Troy use a dorm sleepover to build an elaborate blanket fort.

  10. 10. Mixology Certification

    Not available20 minutesDecember 1, 201013+Subtitles

    While celebrating Troy's 20th birthday, his friends calculate that since he spent two years in the fifth grade, he is actually turning 21. Determined not to let the momentous occasion slip by, his friends weigh in on where they should go to celebrate with his first legal drink. When their inability to agree on a bar forces them to come up with a compromise choice that they soon discover is...

  11. 11. Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas

    Not available21 minutesDecember 8, 201013+Subtitles

    The meaning of Christmas is lost and Abed's intense fixation on the holiday concerns the group in this special stop-motion animation episode.

  12. 12. Asian Population Studies

    Not available21 minutesJanuary 19, 201113+Subtitles

    As the end of winter break finds Shirley's reunion with her ex-husband Andre overshadowed by a growing interest in the mystery Greendale student Annie has started dating, Chang demands what he says he's been promised – a decision about his membership in the study group. With speculation about the identity of Annie's new beau ranging from classmates such as "Black Michael Chiklis" and "White...

  13. 13. Celebrity Pharmacology 212

    Not available20 minutesJanuary 26, 201113+Subtitles

    Pierce's efforts to bribe director Annie threaten to undermine a Greendale theater group's anti-drug message; Jeff's texting prank places Britta in an awkward situation with her teenage nephew.

  14. 14. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

    Not available21 minutesFebruary 2, 201113+Subtitles

    Seeing how everyone on campus makes fun of Fat Neil, Jeff decides to do something about it.

  15. 15. Early 21st Century Romanticism

    Not available21 minutesFebruary 9, 201113+Subtitles

    Troy and Abed compete for the attentions of the college librarian, while Britta strives to be progressive and befriends a fellow female student whom she believes is gay. Meanwhile, Jeff finds himself reluctantly hosting an impromptu party at his apartment.

  16. 16. Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking

    Not available21 minutesFebruary 16, 201113+Subtitles

    Pierce ends up in the hospital after ingesting mysterious pills and believes he's dying. The study group gathers at his bedside as he imparts his "final" words of wisdom and shares specially chosen gifts.

  17. 17. Intro to Political Science

    Not available20 minutesFebruary 23, 201113+Subtitles

    As the school prepares for the Vice President's visit, Dean Pelton organizes the first student elections. Annie, who is determined to win, is pitted in a tough battle against Jeff. Meanwhile, Abed has noticed Secret Service agents casing the school.

  18. 18. Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy

    Not available21 minutesMarch 16, 201113+Subtitles

    Following a carefully orchestrated baby shower that acknowledges the possibility of her new child's racially complex paternity, Shirley asks Jeff to convince Chang to sign away his parental rights so that she and her ex-husband, Andre, can raise the child without any interference. Though he isn't sure Chang is even interested in being a father, Jeff agrees. But in the wake of Jeff's...

  19. 19. Critical Film Studies

    Not available20 minutesMarch 23, 201113+Subtitles

    Though he isn't looking forward to it, Jeff accepts an invitation to celebrate Abed’s birthday at a fancy French restaurant. And while he doesn't relish the thought of babysitting his perpetually immature friend, Jeff has a plan that he's sure will salvage the evening for both of them. For while he and Abed are sitting down to a multi-course meal of fish and quail, a few blocks away at the...

  20. 20. Competitive Wine Tasting

    Not available21 minutesApril 13, 201113+Subtitles

    Taking advantage of the choices being offered for the spring semester elective, Jeff and Pierce enroll in Italian Wine Tasting. On the first day of class, they both notice a lovely student named Wu Mei. Although Jeff is surprised when she rebuffs his advances, he's shocked when Pierce announces that he and Wu Mei are engaged to be married. Meanwhile, after joining Britta in Professor Garrity’s...

  21. 21. Paradigms of Human Memory

    Not available20 minutesApril 20, 201113+Subtitles

    While working on the final diorama for their anthropology class, Chang (Ken Jeong) discovers the cache of items stolen by Troy's (Donald Glover) monkey. And when they dredge up memories of the past year, the members of the study group use them to blame one another for their problems.

  22. 22. Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts

    Not available19 minutesApril 27, 201113+Subtitles

    As the semester draws to a close, the anthropology class final is disrupted when Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) goes into labor one month ahead of schedule. And as Chang (Ken Jeong) continues to insist that he is the father, Shirley’s husband, Andre (guest star Malcolm-Jamal Warner), is summoned to the school to witness his son's birth.

  23. 23. A FistFul of Paintballs

    Not available21 minutesMay 4, 201113+Subtitles

    Another end-of-the-year paintball war pits the study group members against each other for a $100,000 prize. But when a mysterious challenger (guest star Josh Holloway) suddenly appears, they must join forces to stop him.

  24. 24. For a Few Paintballs More

    Not available20 minutesMay 11, 201113+Subtitles

    As the paintball war is revealed to be a City College plan to destroy the school, Jeff (Joel McHale) and Troy (Donald Glover) vie for control of Greendale's embattled army. Meanwhile, upset over being shunned by the study group, Pierce (Chevy Chase) attempts to save himself by betraying them.

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