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Doc Martin

Make an appointment with the brilliant but socially awkward and neurotic Doc Martin (Martin Clunes). When Martin develops an aversion to blood, he abandons his career as a celebrated London surgeon and becomes the only doctor in a sleepy small town where his tactless manner soon has the whole town in an uproar.
IMDb 8.420046 episodes
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  1. S1 E1 - Going Bodmin
    December 31, 2003
    Doc Martin makes a bad impression on one Portwenn resident before he's officially hired. Things go downhill from there after he casts a pall over a local festival and gets punched in the nose.
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  2. S1 E2 - Gentlemen Prefer
    September 8, 2004
    Martin fires his receptionist and informs the locals that they can no longer use his waiting room as a social center. In return, the villagers shun him, the cafe won't serve him, and patients cancel their appointments.
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  3. S1 E3 - Sh*t Happens
    September 15, 2004
    A stomach bug sweeps through Portwenn. Martin creates mass panic by declaring it's the swimming pool, and then infuriates the locals by blaming the village water supply.
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  4. S1 E4 - The Portwenn Effect
    August 4, 2013
    The annual Portwenn Players Dance is a highlight of the village's social calendar. Louisa invites Martin, but the doctor turns her down. Martin also pays a visit to a park ranger who believes he lives with a six-foot squirrel.
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  5. S1 E5 - Of All the Harbours in All the Towns
    September 29, 2004
    Aunt Joan's old flame arrives in Portwenn and rekindles their romance. Confidentiality prevents Martin from telling Joan about the man's health problem. And the doc has love problems of his own: a local teenager has a crush on him.
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  6. S1 E6 - Haemophobia
    October 6, 2004
    When Martin's fear of blood becomes common knowledge, the practical jokes begin. Tourist season commences, and Martin shocks one buxom visitor by offering to examine her chest. Later, an emergency compels Martin to confront his phobia.
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