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Murdoch Mysteries

IMDb 8,12008TV-NR
Cutting-edge Victorian science meets cunningly plotted mystery in this award-winning Canadian TV drama. William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) is a detective in Toronto in 1895, using new forensic techniques like fingerprinting and psychological profiling.
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Yannick BissonHelene JoyThomas Craig
English [CC]

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  1. 1. Power
    24 januari 2008
    While demonstrating the dangers of newfangled alternating current to the public, Miss Toronto Electric & Light dies spectacularly onstage. A tragic accident or murder? Detective William Murdoch enlists the help of the eccentric scientist Nikola Tesla to find out.
  2. 2. The Glass Ceiling
    31 januari 2008
    A trunk delivered to Inspector Brackenreid contains a lawyer's naked corpse and a taunting note. When a second trunk turns up--complete with another body and note--Murdoch races to find the killer before his boss becomes the next victim.
  3. 3. The Knockdown
    7 februari 2008
    After celebrating a big win, boxer Amos Robinson goes down for the count, courtesy of a gunshot to the chest. A witness finds Robinson's wife, Fannie, standing over the body and holding a pistol, but Murdoch aims to prove her innocence.
  4. 4. Elementary, My Dear Murdoch
    14 februari 2008
    Murdoch accompanies his hero--famed writer Arthur Conan Doyle--to a séance, where the medium guides him to the body of a skeptical psychic investigator. Did the clues indeed comes from the spirit world? Or did the medium have a motive for murder?
  5. 5. Till Death Do Us Part
    21 februari 2008
    When Wendell Merrick dies from a blow to the head immediately before his wedding, the cse looks like a simple robbery gone wrong. But questions about the groom's gallivanting ways lead Murdoch into Toronto's homosexual subculture.
  6. 6. Let Loose the Dogs
    28 februari 2008
    A murder brings Murdoch face to face with his troubled past, as the detective's estranged father turns up drunk near the crime scene. Losing his usual objectivity, Murdoch seems dead set on proving his father's guilt.
  7. 7. Body Double
    6 maart 2008
    When a corpse crashes through a theatre's ceiling and lands onstage in the midst of Macbeth, Murdoch and Brackenreid delve into the backstage intrigues of the city's leading Shakespearean acting troupe.
  8. 8. Still Waters
    13 maart 2008
    Boys playing on the lakeshore discover the bruised, beaten body of Richard Hartley--scion of a wealthy family and the newest addition to the exclusive King's Club rowing team. Investigating the case, Murdoch finds dark secrets beneath a gleaming world of privilege.
  9. 9. Belly Speaker
    20 maart 2008
    While researching a new detective novel, Arthur Conan Doyle returns to Toronto and meddles in a case involving a mad ventriloquist who seems to have murdered his father. Murdoch begins to suspect that the author has a hidden agenda.
  10. 10. Child's Play
    27 maart 2008
    Who could have murdered Howard Rookwood? Everyone admired the well-known philanthropist, killed in the horse paddock of his glue factory. When suspicions fall on boys employed at the factory, Murdoch uncovers another side to the victim's character.
  11. 11. Bad Medicine
    3 april 2008
    After a mysterious hooded figure kills a prominent psychiatric researcher, Murdoch investigates the doctor's former patients. The csae grows more complex when a psychic warns Murdoch that the grim reaper will claim more victims--including the detective himself.
  12. 12. The Rebel and the Prince
    10 april 2008
    The murder of a girl connected to the Irish Republican Brotherhood leads police to suspect a plot against visiting Prince Alfred. Constable Crabtree joins the prince's retinue and finds His Highness more than a handful to guard.
  13. 13. The Annoying Red Planet
    17 april 2008
    When a reclusive woodworker and amateur astronomer is found hanging high in a tree, mounting evidence points to one conclusion: he was murdered by Martians. Constable Crabtree becomes convinced of an imminent alien invasion, but Murdoch searches for more earthly answers.

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