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The Last Ship

7.520145 Seasons16+Subtitles and Closed CaptionsX-Ray

Navy Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) and his crew must find a cure after a pandemic wipes out billions of people worldwide. Scientist Rachel Scott is assigned to the U.S.S. Nathan James to investigate the cause of the rapidly spreading virus. Chandler and his crew may be humanity's last hope in the wake of a worldwide catastrophe.

Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Adam Baldwin
Action, Suspense, Drama
English [CC], हिन्दी, தமிழ், తెలుగు
Audio Languages
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Episodes (10)

  1. 1. Phase Six

    Not available45 minutesMay 5, 201116+Subtitles

    Captain Tom Chandler and the crew of the USS Nathan James set out for the Arctic with two civilian virologists who claim to be studying birds.

  2. 2. Welcome to Gitmo

    Not available42 minutesMay 12, 201116+Subtitles

    Chandler and his crew head to the U.S. Military base at Guantanamo Bay in hopes of collecting food, medical supplies and fuel replenishments.

  3. 3. Dead Reckoning

    Not available42 minutesMay 12, 201116+Subtitles

    The James faces off against a new foe who demands Chandler hand over Rachel and her research.

  4. 4. We'll Get There

    Not available42 minutesMay 12, 201116+Subtitles

    Days after a trying series of events at Gitmo, Chandler and his crew are put under extreme duress when the ship's propulsion system suffers a catastrophic event.

  5. 5. El Toro

    Not available42 minutesJune 21, 201416+Subtitles

    With Rachel close to a breakthrough on her vaccine, she, Chandler and XO Slattery lead a small team into the jungles of Nicaragua on a mission to find monkeys for her vaccine trials.

  6. 6. Lockdown

    Not available42 minutesJune 28, 201416+Subtitles

    After returning from the horrors of Nicaragua, panic begins to spread throughout the ship when Lt. Danny Green comes down with a mysterious illness that could be the virus.

  7. 7. SOS

    Not available41 minutesJuly 6, 201416+Subtitles

    After picking up a distress call near Jamaica, Chandler and a small team stage a rescue attempt. But a surprise attack leaves Chandler and Tex stranded at sea.

  8. 8. Two Sailors Walk into a Bar...

    Not available42 minutesJuly 12, 201416+Subtitles

    With Chandler and Tex caught in a dangerous situation, Slattery has to step into the role as commanding officer.

  9. 9. Trials

    Not available42 minutesJuly 19, 201416+Subtitles

    Rachel and Chandler ask for six volunteers to participate in human trials of her vaccine, but the tests could be a living hell as the virus and the vaccine do battle inside their bodies.

  10. 10. No Place Like Home

    Not available42 minutesJuly 26, 201416+Subtitles

    Season one comes to an end as Chandler and his crew finally return home, where a former D.C. power player is fending off a dangerous warlord who threatens her hopes of restoring law and order in society.

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Travis Van Winkle, Charles Parnell