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Season 1

"Caligula" is a psychological phenomenon in which you want do things that are prohibited. Featured here are numerous pitches rejected by multiple TV stations. However, there are some treasures buried among them. Proposals once buried in the darkness revived here! (C) YD Creation

Koji Higashino, Koji Imada
International, Unscripted, Comedy
中文(繁體), English, 한국어
Audio Languages
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Episodes (20)

  1. 1. Higashino Hunts Deer Vol. 1 "The Law of the Mountain"

    36 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    Koji Higashino has long had the desire to hunt. This series follows Higashino as he learns the basics of hunting from a professional. This time, he is accompanied by Bunsho Hattori, a survival climber. It's the ultimate documentary on Koji Higashino's search for an answer to the question, "What does it mean to be alive?" (C) YD Creation

  2. 2. My Parents Wouldn't Fall for It! "It's Me" Fraud Championship Against Mothers

    41 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    "Impersonation fraud" has become a serious social problem. False demands for money and the criminal techniques used to do it are becoming increasingly clever. To illustrate the issue and serve as a cautionary tale, a fraud group formed by the program makes serious attempts to commit "It's me" fraud against comedians' mothers. Can the latter fend off the swindlers? (C) YD Creation

  3. 3. Self-Acted Setup Prank Starring Toshiyaki Kasuga of Audrey / Higashino Hunts Deer Vol. 2 "Getting Within 100 Meters"

    43 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    Recently, TV regulation has become more strict regarding pranks. Comedians pour their talents into a self-acted setup, in which the ones tricked are the comedians themselves. This time, the challenger is Audrey Kasuga. Sexy scenes, dangerous animals, a car stunt, explosions, a man on fire. Meanwhile, in "Higashino Hunts Deer," they finally manage to get closer to a deer. (C) YD Creation

  4. 4. Homeless Face-Off in Intelligence Quiz / Higashino Hunts Deer Vol. 3 "I'll Kill It and Eat It"

    48 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    There exists the possibility that intelligent and cultured people are mixed in among the homeless. Through interviews, we find four of them with different backgrounds and personalities. A "Quiz championship for the homeless" is staged, offering the winner a prize of 300,000 yen. In "Higashino Hunts Deer," Higashino witnesses the killing, preparing, and eating of a living animal. (C) YD Creation

  5. 5. Higashino Hunts Deer "A Bullet Through the Heart" ~ "The Process of Dissection"

    47 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    In "Higashino Hunts Deer," Higashino experiences what it means to hunt. Hattori and Higashino shoot a deer together and slaughter it before eating it at its freshest. Higashino experiences a series of vivid scenes which for the first time in his life and tells us his thoughts on life and what it is to live. (C) YD Creation

  6. 6. Teach Us, Experienced Girls ~ Lessons in Sexuality Given by Beauties ~

    43 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    Kendo Kobayashi stands up to solve the various problems brought on by sexlessness! We can learn about the beauty of sex through special lessons given by "Experienced Girls." Maiko Ito and Nana Yamada, a former NMB48 idol, are amazed by the shocking stories. At the end of the show, an aroused assistant director makes a surprise pass at Maiko Ito in her dressing room! (C) YD Creation

  7. 7. Alas! A Heartwarming Sound ~ Beauties Also Fart Beautifully ~

    38 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    There's nothing wrong with a fart. Can it be said that women who are able to fart beautifully are women of ultimate beauty? Six specially-selected beautiful women attend the Banquet of Farts. Imada and Higashino are challenged to guess who farted by observing the beautiful women's faces and movements. However, once the banquet starts, farts prove difficult to produce... (C) YD Creation

  8. 8. My Parents Wouldn't Fall for It! Serious Fraud Championship

    41 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    "My parents wouldn't fall for it." It's dangerous for you to think this way! In the previous "'It's me.' Fraud Championship," we attempted to defraud the mothers of three comedians, of which two were conned. This time, a fraud group attempts to swindle comedians' mothers. The first person fights against the "Home visit! Tasting fraud," and the second, against the "Staged Crash!" (C) YD Creation

  9. 9. Self-Acted Setup Prank Starring Akiyama from Robert

    31 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    This is a "Self-Acted Setup Prank" performed by comedians who want to give full play to their talent. This time, the challenger in the second round of this series is Akiyama of the comedy trio Robert. True-to-life performances, hints foreshadowing the events to come, and an overwhelming climax. Akiyama's true talent as a creator, impersonator and comedian is put on full display! (C) YD Creation

  10. 10. Who Is the Queen of the Night? A Competition Between Comedians' Wives

    47 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    Comedians' wives, well-known for their beauty, take photos in which they pose as female employees of an adult entertainment parlor. Afterwards, these photos are presented in the shop (massage parlor), and we stage a contest in which the comedians' wives compete to see who will be the first to be chosen by a male customer! This is the ultimate battle to test the couples' love! (C) YD Creation

  11. 11. ROAD TO WALKING DEAD The First ever Audition for Comedians to Play a Zombie Role

    38 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    America's popular TV drama series "The Walking Dead" has taken the world by storm. Because of its influence, the zombie phenomenon is at its peak worldwide. In this episode, comedians who are serious about being zombies, and who aim to appear in "The Walking Dead" arbitrarily hold an audition! The audition is a succession of dreadful scenes. Who will survive until the end!? (C) YD Creation

  12. 12. Self-acted Setup Prank Starring Kotouge from Viking

    30 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    This is a "Self-Acted Setup Prank" performed by comedians who want to demonstrate their diverse talents. The comedians write the scripts themselves. This time, the challenger is Kotouge of comedy duo Viking. We'll see 30 serial pranks in which, more than anything, he is very particular about "heat"! Kotouge makes an unexpected appearance in the studio with Imada and Higashino. (C) YD Creation

  13. 13. For Some Reason or Other, We Can no Longer See Them on Broadcast Television. Where Are They Now!? ~Starring Yuki Goto~

    55 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    There are people in show business who have disappeared from TV for certain reasons. One is Yuki Goto, today's guest. He retired from show business after exhibiting numerous behavioral problems in his heyday. Yuki Goto, who's had ups and downs in life, is going to tell us everything! You won't see or hear this on broadcast TV! (C) YD Creation

  14. 14. My Parents Wouldn't Fall for It! Serious Fraud Championship

    25 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    "My parents wouldn't fall for it." It's dangerous for you to think this way! A fraud group makes serious attempts to swindle comedians' mothers. This time, the group commits an act of fraud against Fujimoto's mother. The title is, "It's me! Embezzlement fraud." Can Fujimoto's mother fend off the swindlers!? At the end of the show, Imada and Higashino make a shocking announcement! (C) YD Creation

  15. 15. Imada and Higashino Get Involved! "It's Me" Fraud Championship

    29 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    "My parents wouldn't fall for it." It's dangerous for you to think this way! A fraud group makes serious attempts to swindle comedians' mothers. This time, Imada and Higashino join the team of swindlers! The group commits fraud against the mother of Sekimachi, a member of the comedy duo RICE." It's me! I molested a woman fraud." Can Sekimachi's mother fend off the swindlers!? (C) YD Creation

  16. 16. Teach Us, Experienced Girls ~ Save the Sexless Country of Japan~

    48 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    Japan has become a sexless country. We can learn about the beauty of sex by means of special lessons given by sex experts, also know as, "Experienced Girls." Karen controls men at will with her seductive dance. Ayako is a sexy actress who's had sex with over 5,000 men. Yurina, the "licking daruma," shows us her secret technique in the studio. An unexpected development awaits! (C) YD Creation

  17. 17. Abduction Championship

    39 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    How on earth are abductions carried out? This pitch aims to answer that question. It's a championship in which comedian duos attempt to kidnap designated targets. Three of these duos, known as challengers, try to abduct their targets; they are the comedy duo Shizzle, Ueno & Anthony from Denis, and Toro-Salmon, another comedy duo. (C) YD Creation

  18. 18. Higashino Hunts Boar / Assistant Director Fujiwara Hunts Women

    1 hour, 6 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    After having successfully hunted a deer in the first series, Higashino goes with hunter Kunio Katagiri to catch a boar. The hunting method used involves capturing the prey alive by setting traps. By capturing it alive, he runs the risk of losing his life, as the beast could attack him. Also, Fujiwara is still a virgin at the age of 29. Can Fujiwara bid farewell to his virginity? (C) YD Creation

  19. 19. Higashino Hunts Boar Part Two

    54 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    This is the second series tracking Higashino's hunting experiences, "Higashino hunts a boar." The primary mission now, after successfully capturing the boar alive, is to kill it by piercing its heart with a spear. Higashino must put an end to the boar's life with his own hands. He witnesses the state a creature is in at the verge between life and death. (C) YD Creation

  20. 20. Self-Acted Setup Prank Starring Koji Imada

    52 minutesSeptember 20, 201813+Subtitles

    This is the fourth self-acted setup, and Koji Imada, the show's MC, is the long-awaited challenger. "Raunchy Pranks" is Imada's theme. 51-year-old Koji Imada attempts to play the ultimate raunchy pranks, reminiscent of comedy-prank legend, Eisaku Okawa. These include glancing at a beautiful woman's underpants, taking nude photos, having a massage done by a sexy actress, and more! (C) YD Creation

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