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Blood Blockade Battlefront

Season 1

A breach between Earth and the netherworlds has opened up over the city of New York, trapping New Yorkers and creatures from other dimensions in an impenetrable bubble.

Daisuke Sakaguchi, Kazuya Nakai, Rikiya Koyama
English, Español, Italiano, Português
Audio Languages
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Episodes (12)

  1. 1. Secret Society of the Magic-Sealed City

    Not available24 minutesApril 3, 2015NRSubtitles

    Leonardo Watch, an ordinary aspiring reporter, moves to Hellsalem's Lot, a city created by the intersection of worlds where New York City once stood, and through a series of lucky coincidences, is recruited into the secret society named "Libra."

  2. 2. After the Phantom Ghost Wagon

    Not available24 minutesApril 10, 2015NRSubtitles

    While Zapp makes Leo's daytime job delivering pizzas a living hell, they spot a dry cleaning van that is more than it appears to be. When Leo is kidnapped, the rest of the Libra team must work together to rescue him from his captors.

  3. 3. A Game Between Two Worlds

    Not available24 minutesApril 17, 2015NRSubtitles

    When the president is attacked by a man under the influence of a powerful synthetic drug called Angel Scale, Klaus and K.K. travel to the alterworld to challenge a Beyondian big wheel to a game of Prosfair in order to uncover the source of the drug.

  4. 4. Blood Line Fever

    Not available24 minutesApril 24, 2015NRSubtitles

    Leo spots a person with a crimson wing-like aura, which Klaus later determines to be one of the vampiric Blood Breeds. Soon after, the vampire expert "Lucky" Abrams arrives in town to use Leo's vision to learn more about the Blood Breed threat.

  5. 5. The Tremorous Blood Hammer

    Not available24 minutesMay 1, 2015NRSubtitles

    Aligura, the Queen of Monomania, is on the hunt to find her creation, Brody & Hummer, and her monster truck is tearing up anything that gets in her way! Meanwhile, Femt and the King of Despair make some secret plans of their own.

  6. 6. Don't Forget to Don't Forget Me

    Not available24 minutesMay 8, 2015NRSubtitles

    While out buying lunch for Zapp and himself, Leo befriends a mushroom-like Beyondian named Nej, who has a craving for hamburgers, but is unable to buy them from the segregated 42nd Street quarter where they are sold.

  7. 7. A No-Holds-Barred Eden

    Not available24 minutesMay 15, 2015NRSubtitles

    Chasing down a rescue request from Zapp, Klaus and Leo find themselves in an underground cage-fighting arena, with Klaus winding up in the ring. Black and Leo hit it off over lunch at the diner, and learn that they have much in common.

  8. 8. Z's Longest Day (Part 1)

    Not available24 minutesMay 22, 2015NRSubtitles

    As Zapp's profligate lifestyle starts catching up with him, word comes in that a Blood Breed attack is coming to Hellsalem's Lot, but that someone outside of Libra is also involved. Black speaks to White about their relationship with Leo.

  9. 9. Z's Longest Day (Part 2)

    Not available24 minutesMay 29, 2015NRSubtitles

    While a crowd looks on, an airplane attempting to fly into Hellsalem's Lot carries Jugei's junior pupil--and the top half of the Blood Breed Libra was fighting! The King of Despair continues setting his plan in motion. The Libra team gains a new member.

  10. 10. Run! Lunch!! Run!!! / to the end.

    Not available24 minutesJune 5, 2015NRSubtitles

    Zapp, Leo, and Zed embark upon a quest to find an agreeable restaurant at which to have lunch. Klaus, Starphase, and Abrams meet with the League of High Order Spirituals to confer about their concerns pertaining to the barrier surrounding the city.

  11. 11. Paint it Black

    Not available24 minutesJune 19, 2015NRSubtitles

    Growing up on their parents' ranch, White struggles with being the only member of her family without the gift of psychic abilities, while Black is reluctant to stick up for himself and develop his own powers to their fullest.

  12. 12. Hello, world

    Not available46 minutesOctober 2, 2015NRSubtitles

    With another Great Collapse underway, and the King of Despair in control of Black's body, the only one who can locate White now and re-establish the barrier protecting the city is Leo. Will he be able to escape Femt's grasp and find her in time?

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