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Doctor X Surgeon Michiko Daimon

20165 sæsonerNRUndertekster

Toutei Univ. Hospital headed by her arch enemy Hiruma was once ranked as a top hospital but has fallen behind by its medical malpractice, cover-ups, and factional strife. Hiruma is desperate to reestablish its ranking to secure his authority, while Michiko keeps going forward with her unwavering belief that saving patents’ life comes first before anything else.

Ryoko Yonekura
Internationalt, Drama
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Episoder (11)

  1. 1. ope.1

    59 minutter12. oktober 2016NRUndertekster

    Freelance surgeon Michiko Daimon is at a Chinese restaurant in New York when a pregnant woman suddenly passes out in front of her. Michiko examines her and decides she needs an emergency operation. Another customer, Toko Kubo, is a cleaner at a nearby hospital. They quickly take the pregnant woman to the hospital and manage to save her life. Toko is amazed at Michiko’s abilities!

  2. 2. ope.2

    59 minutter19. oktober 2016NRUndertekster

    Toutei University Hospital Director Shigekatsu Hiruma wants to improve the hospital’s brand by selecting wealthy patients. An eighty-year-old man, Hideo Nioka, and his wife, Chiyoko, visit the hospital with a medical letter of introduction. Director of Internal Medicine Takayuki Kikawada offers to introduce them to a Satellite hospital because the couple seems to be financially insecure.

  3. 3. ope.3

    45 minutter26. oktober 2016NRUndertekster

    Michiko Daimon finds a lost wallet and turns it into to the authorities. Misae Suyama arrives at Toutei University Hospital to thank Michiko for the finding her lost wallet. She also wants to schedule an appointment for a deluxe examination, but the three-day is extremely expensive. Deputy Director Toko Kubo is furious and wants Michiko to act as a guardian in case Misae is unable to pay the bill.

  4. 4. ope.4

    45 minutter2. november 2016NRUndertekster

    The beautiful Yotsuba Sisters check into Toutei University Hospital. While their visit is a secret, the hospital is abuzz with rumors. The doctors are restless. Michiko Daimon visits the sisters in their room. She notices something awkward. The beautiful Mirei Yotsuba and... her sister Mion, who looks nothing like her PR photos. Mion is the patient and she is there to get treatment for obesity.

  5. 5. ope.5

    45 minutter9. november 2016NRUndertekster

    A lower rank university hospital is in the spotlight because one of their papers was published in an American medical journal. Totei University Hospital Director Shigekatsu Hiruma is feeling bitter. He wants everyone to write papers. The doctors are pushed to surgeries without rest. The extra work excites freelance surgeon Michiko Daimon, but the other doctors and nurses are starting to get tired.

  6. 6. ope.6

    45 minutter16. november 2016NRUndertekster

    Toutei University Hospital Deputy Director Toko Kubo leads the other doctors in a coup to overthrow Shigekatsu Hiruma. The next day, Hiruma gathers the media for a press conference. The doctors are curious and fill the room. A professor John Starkey from the Harvard Medical School and Takashi Ebina from the National Advanced Medical Center are also at the press conference. What is Hiruma plotting?

  7. 7. ope.7

    45 minutter23. november 2016NRUndertekster

    Tickets to a recital by “deaf pianist” Takashi Nanao arrive at the Kanbara Locum Doctor Agency. Akira Kanbara is suspicious because there is no sender on the envelope. But he invites Michiko Daimon anyhow. He then finds out that Nanao’s assistant, Yuka Nanase, sent the tickets. She has been researching treatment methods because she believes Nanao’s music can only get better if his hearing returns.

  8. 8. ope.8

    45 minutter30. november 2016NRUndertekster

    The popular Yuta Yaotome, also known as “The last single major artist,” suddenly disappears from the stage. There are rumors he might be going overseas for a secret ceremony. In reality, Yaotome has liver cancer. There are multiple tumors spread across a wide area. He is a secret patient at Toutei University Hospital. Yaotome’s case is considered top secret. The details are carefully guarded.

  9. 9. ope.9

    45 minutter7. december 2016NRUndertekster

    Keirin University Hospital, a longtime rival of Toutei University Hospital, was recently ranked the top hospital. Hanako Hiruma, president of the Toutei Women’s Association, gets into it with Ritsuko Samejima, president of the Keirin Women’s Association. Akira Kanbara wants to promote his business and takes freelance surgeon Michiko Daimon to a social gathering attended by both associations.

  10. 10. ope.10

    45 minutter14. december 2016NRUndertekster

    Freelance surgeon Michiko Daimon is visiting a shrine when she notices something surprising. Toutei University Hospital Chief Surgeon Takeshi Saionji is buying a safe delivery charm for a pregnant woman that looks nothing like his wife! Michiko is suspicious. Did he not learn anything from his last affair?

  11. 11. last ope

    58 minutter21. december 2016NRUndertekster

    Freelance anesthesiologist Hiromi Jonouchi collapses. She had been hiding her advanced pancreatic cancer! Michiko Daimon wants to save fellow colleague Hiromi and offers to be her surgeon. But even with Michiko’s skills, complete removal of Hiromi’s cancer is impossible. Hiromi turns down Michiko’s offer. She is prepared to die and the only thing she wants to do now is save money for her daughter.

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