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Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries

In this spin-off to the wildly popular Australian mystery series, Phryne Fisher’s long-lost niece, Peregrine (Geraldine Hakewill, Wanted), decides to follow in her stylish footsteps as a lady detective for a new era. With the help of the handsome, straitlaced Detective James Steed (Joel Jackson, Peter Allen) and a group of accomplished women, Peregrine investigates murders in 1960s Melbourne.
20194 episódios


  1. Bonus: Behind the Scenes
    13 de março de 2019
    Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew to learn about the costumes, production design, characters, and more.
  2. T1 EP.1Just Murdered
    20 de fevereiro de 2019
    1h 26min
    After Phryne Fisher goes missing, her long-lost niece, Peregrine, inherits her Melbourne estate. When model Barbie Jones is found murdered at a bridal show held by Florence Astor, a friend of Phryne’s and fellow member of the Adventuresses’s Club of the Antipodes, the enterprising Ms. Fisher decides to step into her aunt’s shoes and become a private detective herself.
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  3. T1 EP.2Dead Beat
    20 de fevereiro de 2019
    1h 26min
    When a pop star and his backup singer are electrocuted during their surfing-inspired segment on a TV music show, Peregrine’s ex-boyfriend Eric comes under suspicion for their deaths. Unexpectedly, Peregrine is employed by Edwina Maddox, owner of the network and an old foe of Birdie’s, to investigate the crime.
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  4. T1 EP.3Space for Murder
    20 de fevereiro de 2019
    1h 24min
    After receiving a distress call, Birdie finds the body of her best friend, Dr. Cecile Armand, in a car crash, though the scene appears to be staged. Peregrine goes undercover at the government lab where Cecile worked to find out more about her highly classified project.
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  5. T1 EP.4Seasoned Murder
    20 de fevereiro de 2019
    1h 22min
    When the head chef at an international culinary school gets a cleaver to the back, Samuel’s former sister-in-law-the business partner of the victim-lands in hot water. Peregrine finds herself in a pressure cooker of an investigation as she works together with James to expose a maze of fraudulent activity at the institution and dangerous family secrets.
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English [CC]
Lynn HegartyKevin CarlinFiona BanksJess Harris
Atores principais
Geraldine HakewillJoel Jackson
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