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Defenders of the Earth

7,319694 Staffeln7+Untertitel

Tyrant Ming the Merciless and his vast army of evil accomplices are working overtime to destroy humanity. Now, four of the greatest comic strip heroes, The Phantom, Flash Gordon, Mandrake and his trusted confidant and bodyguard, Lothar, join forces with their uniquely talented teenage children to challenge Ming and his evil followers in a series of great adventures.

Lou Richards, Peter Mark Richman, Peter Renaday
English [CC]
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Folgen (16)

  1. 1. Kshin and the Ghost Ship

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    Kshin discovers a ghost ship and helps the long-dead pirates locate a compass they need to free themselves from centuries of aimless wandering!

  2. 2. The Carnival of Doctor Kalihari

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    On a family outing to a traveling carnival, the older Defenders become part of the freak show when they shrink to three inches!

  3. 3. The Mystery of the Book

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    Once again guided by the book, Enigma, Kshin saves the Defenders from an evil monster who is out to conquer and destroy the Earth!

  4. 4. Flash Times Four

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    His Heinous Highness kidnaps Flash, clones him four times and puts him under the Inquisitor in order to instill his super-hero flying prowess into the phony look-alikes.

  5. 5. The Frozen Heart

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    L.J. learns to treat women as people, not objects, after Ming turns his girlfriend into a Frost Person who fights against the Defenders!

  6. 6. Rick Gordon, One-Man Army

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    Rick Gordon and the Defenders must save a tropical island from revolutionary forces who are in cahoots with Ming the Merciless!

  7. 7. The Rites of Zesnan

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    Rick, L.J. and Jedda learn the meaning of cooperation when they must work together to save the elder Defenders from destruction.

  8. 8. Audie and Tweak

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    Octon designs a flawless super-computer which Ming uses to demobilize all the world's computer systems in a plot to control Earth.

  9. 9. Return of the Skyband

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    An evil band of women pirates, with a vendetta against the Phantom, terrorizes the universe and nearly kills the masked superhero!

  10. 10. Dracula's Potion

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    While investigating a disappearance in Transylvania, the Defenders are put under a vampire's spell and turned into animals for the monster's exotic collection.

  11. 11. One of the Guys

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    Kshin learns that handicaps need not leave one totally helpless when he is temporarily paralyzed and joins forces with a wheelchair-bound boy to defeat Ming the Merciless!

  12. 12. 100 Proof Highway

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    Jedda falls for an alcoholic schoolmate and is nearly killed by his dangerous behavior.

  13. 13. The Time Freezer

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    A space alien uses a Time Freezer to steal millions of dollars worth of jewels and gold.

  14. 14. The Prince Makes His Move

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    The Defenders have a new adversary as Ming's son, Prince Kro-Tan, moleculizes Ming and plots to take over the Earth himself!

  15. 15. The Prince Triumphant

    20 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    Prince Kro-Tan plans to harness energy from the Earth's core to transport the planet to Mongo.

  16. 16. The Prince Weds

    21 Minuten31. Dezember 19697+Untertitel

    The Defenders, unknowingly carrying Kro-Tan's mind bombs, must rescue Jedda from Mongo before the slimy Prince makes her his bride.

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John Gibbs, Ray Lee
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