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The Gymkhana Files

Season 1

The Gymkhana Files takes viewers deep behind the scenes of one of the world’s wildest, most successful viral video franchises of all time, with over 500 million online views and counting. Follow globally recognized race car driver and viral star Ken Block and his team of Hoonigans as they attempt to make the greatest automotive video of all time while racing in the World Rallycross Championship.

Sports, Documentary
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Episodes (8)

  1. 1. At the Peak

    32 minutesNovember 15, 201816+Subtitles

    Race car driver and viral video star Ken Block finishes his latest video project, Climbkhana, while beginning preparations for his largest video project yet: GymkhanaTEN. With extreme altitude, wild weather, and devastating consequences off the corner of every cliff - this might be the most difficult video he's shot to date.

  2. 2. The Motor City

    39 minutesNovember 15, 201816+Subtitles

    After the incredible success of Climbkhana, the stakes are high for the first shoot of GymkhanaTEN. This first segment kicks off the year long project, so with high hopes, Ken, Brian & co bring the game changing Ford Mustang Hoonicorn v2 to America's most famous automotive city - Detroit.

  3. 3. In the Dirt

    32 minutesNovember 22, 201813+Subtitles

    With Detroit in the bag, the team separates. While Brian continues preparing GymkhanaTEN, Ken flies halfway around the globe to Loheac, France to compete in the World Rallycross Championship against some of the best drivers in the world.

  4. 4. It All Falls Apart

    34 minutesNovember 22, 201816+Subtitles

    After an unexpected week in France, Ken heads to Los Angeles, California, where he and the team ready their newest contraption - a 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth RS on steel rims. The hope is that the steel bands will throw sparks everywhere and result in one of the wildest looking segments they have. The reality - their hardest individual shoot in ten years.

  5. 5. It Is What It Is

    25 minutesNovember 29, 201816+Subtitles

    While Los Angeles is now behind them, the team splinters and communication grinds to a halt. Ken heads back to WorldRX, where he struggles with a difficult decision. Brian, across the world in Sweden, tries to ensure they are well prepared for the next shoot. The reality of the project weighs on them both - they may have more on their hands than they can handle.

  6. 6. On Thin Ice

    36 minutesNovember 29, 201816+Subtitles

    On an ice lake in far north Sweden, Ken, Brian & co. regroup and focus on the task at hand - and it's a monster. With another new car, the World Rally Championship-winning Ford Fiesta RS WRC, a wild exterior frozen course, and the craziest filming conditions the team has ever experienced, they know they're in for a challenge - one that they can't afford to fail.

  7. 7. Get Yourself a Truck

    36 minutesDecember 6, 201816+Subtitles

    With all other distractions off the table, the team is working together and finally hitting its stride - and it's just in time, as their next shoot may be the most important of the entire project. With a brand new build, and the biggest production design of the entire film, this segment in small town Texas has all of the ingredients necessary to be an instant classic.

  8. 8. Where It All Began

    53 minutesDecember 6, 201816+Subtitles

    The Hoonigan team is on its victory lap - and they’re bringing it back to where it all began. Guanajuato, Mexico. A small town with a rabid rally community - and the site of Ken's first ever World Rally Championship race - is the location for the last segment of GymkhanaTEN, featuring Ken’s Ford Focus RS RX. The nostalgia is there, the future is unclear, but for now - it's time for 3, 2, 1…

  9. Bonus: Season 1 Official Teaser

    October 9, 201816+Subtitles

    The Gymkhana Files features famed motorsports star and entrepreneur Ken Block and the making of ‘Gymkhana 10,’ the tenth installment of his award-winning, record-breaking Gymkhana Film series.

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