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Mrs. Sidhu Investigates

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Mrs. Sidhu (Meera Syal) is a caterer with a taste for solving mysteries. Her sleuthing turns into an unofficial partnership with dour DCI Burton (Craig Parkinson), who reluctantly accepts that together they make the perfect pairing to fight crime.
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  1. S1 E1Ripped
    17. september 2023
    1 t 26 min.
    Mrs Sidhu's first day catering for a high-end health club takes a morbid turn when two dead bodies are found in the spa. After her niece becomes the prime suspect, Mrs Sidhu starts her own investigation, bringing her into conflict with DCI Burton.
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  2. S1 E2Breaking Convention
    24. september 2023
    1 t 26 min.
    At a fan convention for a TV show, an actor is killed in the same way a character was murdered on the fantasy series. As caterer for the ill-fated event, Mrs Sidhu spots some clues while cooking for the grieving family, but Burton has other theories.
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  3. S1 E3Killer App
    1. oktober 2023
    1 t 27 min.
    Shortly after Mrs Sidhu becomes the in-house caterer for a software company, the CEO is found strangled at his desk on the same night he signed a deal to sell the business. Mrs Sidhu works with a begrudgingly appreciative Burton to crack the case.
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  4. S1 E4On the Ropes
    8. oktober 2023
    1 t 28 min.
    Boxing fanatic Tez is thrilled about his mum's latest gig at a championship match, but when an up-and-coming boxer is kidnapped for ransom, Mrs Sidhu must go to the mat to save the young man after a serious accident knocks Burton down for the count.
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