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Season 1
Captain De Santis does not only carry out peace-keeping operations; he is also looking for the truth behind his father's disappearance in the zone. When he starts untangling a scandalous plot of corruption and death, where pharmaceutical companies, secret services and terrorists are involved, he becomes a target.
Raoul BovaMegan MontanerAndrea Sartoretti
English [CC]
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  1. 1. Episode 1
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    April 5, 2016
    1h 37min
    Afghanistan. Army Captain Enea De Santis (Raoul Bova) is a skilled soldier in command of an elite unit. During a stakeout to watch a suspect, the unit is attacked, leaving them with no contact and suffering significant losses. Enea and the rest of his men hide out in a cave as they are accused of desertion.
  2. 2. Episode 2
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    April 13, 2016
    1h 32min
    Enea and his men manage to leave Afghanistan and arrive in Italy with the hope of finding a way to exonerate themselves. They get to a secluded clearing where the team are set to meet with Emma Borghi and some AMIS agents - but then they are unexpectedly targeted by a sniper.
  3. 3. Episode 3
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    April 20, 2016
    1h 31min
    Enea and his men are forced to move quickly and abandon their hideout, the AMIS agents have tracked them down. The men manage to give Rebecchi the slip and hide out. Tensions within the group come to a climax and De Santis asks them to trust him for a little longer.
  4. 4. Episode 4
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    April 26, 2016
    1h 23min
    Emma offers Visentin a deal while he is being held in a prison after being caught by Rebecchi. She offers to set him free in exchange for him getting Enea to talk. The soldier finds himself face to face with his captain and decides to help him. United again, they break free and find out the real identity behind "Cagliostro".
  5. 5. Episode 5
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    May 3, 2016
    1h 27min
    All charges against Enea and his men are dropped. While Gemini is locked up in a maximum security cell in the AMIS basement, Samira arrives in Malta. Despite being shaken by recent events, she is determined to see her plans through.
  6. 6. Episode 6
    This video is currently unavailable
    May 10, 2016
    1h 28min
    Enea and Frezzo locate Visentin and rush to get to him but find him dead. They are also unaware that a sniper is lying in wait ready to kill them. Thanks to a symbol that Visentin scrawled on his arm before he died, Enea and Frezzo identify the resort where the auction that Gemini told them about is to be held.
  7. 7. Episode 7
    This video is currently unavailable
    May 17, 2016
    1h 26min
    Enea, Samira and Frezzo arrive in Rome, convinced that following Dorrico's trail will lead them to Fedora and the other children. Thanks to Emma's intervention, the Maltese police release Rebecchi. Once he is back in Rome, the agent tells Emma (Romina Mondello) all about the auction and the experiments in which children are used as guinea pigs.
  8. 8. Episode 8
    This video is currently unavailable
    May 24, 2016
    1h 30min
    Dorrico has disappeared without a trace. Enea, Samira and Fedora are at his mercy and being held prisoner in a villa on the outskirts of Rome. Samira is afraid for her little Fedora; Enea comforts her and tells her not to give up now.

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Beniamino Catena
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